PSA: If the Capitol Police offer you a free tour

That is not surprising and Congress (The House of Reps) has announced they are starting an investigation into who is funding all these child protestors.

Also what is not surprising is what I described earlier about the alignment and naming of various groups today. In the article one of the groups supporting these protestors is identified as Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP). JVP is an extremely radical, Left Wing organization that was founded here in the US and has all of its chapters here in the US. JVP claims no members within Israel proper and that is not surprising considering their radical views.

JVP is heavy on anti-Zionism and it is easy for them to do as they do not reside in Israel proper so they have no experience with what the Jews are enduring there. Zionism is nothing more than the proud Jews calling for the right to exist in Israel proper. That is no different than Americans taking pride in this country and their desire for a right to have their own country. Of course these far radical left groups call that “colonialism”, “oppression”, and every other negative thing that it is not! It is the Radical Left’s dream and desire to destroy all nations and create one large homogenous world that can be centrally controlled by one monarchy (notice I did not say democratically led government).

Here as in any other whacked crap all you have to do is “Follow The Money!”.

I think he means “poisoning the blood of our country.” That’s the main concern of some supporters of the presidential candidate who made that statement. It isn’t the cost, drugs, and crime. Those things are a cover for the real reason.

To little to late! It appears that his handlers finally got around to writing what they wanted him to say.

You folks are missing the point here:

What are the campus protesters motivating concerns? The famine and indiscriminate bombing of civilians in Gaza.

What was the motivating concern of January 6? To prevent the certification of an election.

Is there a higher moral ground between the two?

“I will f—ing die for this,” Nichols said on video after the attack. “But before I do that, I plan on making other people die first, for their country, if it gets down to that.”

Was anyone else prepared to die that day?

You need to stop drinking the Koolaid served up by these child protestors and the ilk that drives them! No time in history has any country’s military taken as great a care to prevent civilian casualties than have the IDF. I won’t even go into details and all you have to do is actually read from valid sources the extent of the IDF’s efforts to prevent civilian casualties.


All that has to happen for this to end is for the Hamas terrorists to unconditionally surrender and hand over the hostages. It is Hamas that is bringing this all on and not Israel.

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Have you asked them or are you attempting to just stir the pot?

It was rhetorical.

Bombshell: CIA official admits intel agencies purposefully excluded Trump from intelligence info during his presidency.

You say that like it’s a bad thing. :sweat_smile: :alien:

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Law Enforcement Today , previously the largest police-owned media outlet in America, was purchased by The 1776 Project, LLC on July 4, 2023.

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ICE arrests Uzbek man with alleged ties to ISIS and who has been living in the U.S. since illegally crossing in 2022

You say that like it’s a bad thing.

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“We’re in; there’s too many for them [the police] to do anything about it," he said on video. "Every side, every angle! Oh, my gosh!”

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