Stop calling it "inflation." Instead, call it what it really is

Our ever-inflating money supply (inflation) causes the prices of everything to go up. Rising prices increases the cost of living for Americans.

So why is the federal reserve inflating the money supply?

The federal reserve is printing more and more money to cover the ever-growing cost of government.

Isn’t the cost of government paid for by our taxes?

No. The government has grown so big that it now costs twice as much as the government collects in taxes. The second half of the bill has to be paid. So the federal reserve just prints money to pay for it.

So what is the correct term of inflation? “Rising prices?”

No. Rising prices are the result of inflation. Prices don’t “inflate.” They increase. Inflation is the inflating of the money supply to cover government spending which we in-turn, all pay for, through higher prices. There is no free lunch. We either pay for all this government with taxes or we pay for it through inflation (higher prices).

So what is the most accurate word for inflation?

The most accurate word would be “government.”

Instead of saying “inflation is high,” say “the cost of our government is high.” Instead of saying “this inflation sucks,” say “this government sucks.” Instead of saying “inflation is killing us,” say “our government is killing us.” Instead of saying “we need to do something about all this inflation,” say “we need to do something about all this government.”


All completely true but the majority of the population heads to the ballot box and votes for the same stupidity over and over and over again, mysteriously expecting a different outcome (que the Einstein quote about doing the same thing and expecting different results).


The current administration is totally incompetent. From the Commander in Chief on down.


There was a bumper crop on the Magical Money Tree and they needed to do something with all of that money! :astonished:

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So what is your recommendation?
How do we know who to vote for? The guy that gives us a free phone? The good looking candidate? The one that doesn’t enforce the law, because you are a crook? Because your parents voted one party, regardless?

How can we know the candidate won’t just change their mind once they get locked in?
Any candidate can stand on their stump and claim they will do all kinds of stuff they think matters to you because that is how everyone in that rally they are speaking to leans.

I have never voted “for” anyone in my entire life!
No, I’m not unpatriotic, I served this country as a Special Agent for the DOD.

  1. I needed to be impartial in my investigations, and politics is not impartial.
  2. I didn’t like being lied to from a candidate saying what they would do, when it was obvious that the office they were running for does not have the power to do it.
  3. I grew up in Massachusetts (the land of Kennedy). Should I just go vote for the obvious candidate, or stand out on Boston Harbor and piss into the wind? I just saved my time and gas money.

So when I finally began voting, I was voting “against” a candidate, not for one.
Can’t do that anymore. They all talk out the side of their mouth.

So again, any suggestion on how to vote for a candidate without spending your life conducting your own personal background check on them? Can’t listen to the media. Can’t listen to the Million Dollar ad’s on TV and Social Media (anyone who can spend that much money without a job is not likely to be working for you, unless your a millionaire)!

I voted for Trump (and others) because he was the last man standing, and who he was ruing against was a criminal!
If he did anything for the American voter, it was to expose how this civics BS game actually works these days. Would I vote for him again? Only if he is the last man standing. But he does have one thing going for him, we now know how much a son-of-a-bitch he can be.
Don’t like how he plays the game? You can’t win a war being a flower child.

It is my opinion that we need to focus at the State level politics. At least you can go bang on someone’s door. California or Florida, you can control how you want to live. I have four neighbors who moved here this summer, all from California. I sold my second property to someone from California. I told each one they had better left their California BS behind. They all said, “why do you think we left?”.

Open for any suggestions. It just has to pass the smell test.


The reckless government over-spending has been going on for decades. But, it has gone to a new insane level under Biden. What really torques me though is the truly incomprehensible energy policies. The price of gasoline nearly doubled under Biden before Putin invaded and the price of gasoline is a fundamental driver of inflation as it affects the price of just about everything.

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In regards to a foreseeable future one need only observe what’s going on in China and extrapolate how such policies will be implemented here. Something is cooking and it’s obviously big, markets have payed attention and acted accordingly.

It is my opinion that capitalism vis-à-vis globalization has in all actuality rendered politics moot as everyone on the planet now worships at the same dollar-denominated altar while simultaneously faced with the prospects of coping in a world undergoing transformation by out of control climate change which can’t be bribed, bullied or broken through war.

Oh well… “May you live in interesting times.”

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That’s laughable only because those of us that didn’t vote for him, already figured that out.

I agree. That and city level is the only level of government that we as a people have a chance to influence. If we can influence city and state government the rest will follow. I think the worst thing they could have done was take away the role of the states to appoint US Senators. They gave that job to the Washington lobbyists.

Many Americans voted for him because of it, and are 100% prepared to do it again.


Agreed. Combine that with no term limits and we’re screwed again and again.


I just thought it was funny because he said it as if none of us already knew that (whether we liked that about him or not.)

What is laughable is anyone who intentionally voted for Hillery. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
And then Big Joe! :grimacing:

Guess we all forgot Benghazi and such. Even our current VP was against the Big Guy. Now if that don’t make you stop and think, maybe we aren’t thinking too good…

Don’t make me out to be a MAGA man here. I’m looking for a way to pick a worthless politician without cutting my own throat. You didn’t have anything figured out my friend. Don’t BS me.


Well, we have no more mean Tweets! Too many voted just to get rid of the mean Tweets and now we are screwed with an administration that is lost!

I did not care for Trump as a person, but he did great things for this country during his term as President. He ran the country like a business unlike what is being done now. I can see several good candidates on the horizon and I hope Trump will let them run and be the cheerleader on the sidelines.


Ditto. I don’t plan on rubbing elbows with any of these people. I really don’t care about their personalities or their family (unless it compromises their performance). Performance is it, if you can’t do a good job for the country you should stand down. That includes a whole lot of people in the congress and senate as well as Brandon and his entire administration.


I agree. Me either.


I agree. Me either. He lies like a rug and made himself richer even though he did not collect a wage. He is, what I call a legal crook. Until they catch him. But Brandon and his followers are not much better. So, we’re screwed no matter what.



Trump was a good President, just not my cup of tea personally. He did some amazing things as President (walking right into North Korea with no notice, for example). And only made one horrible blunder which caused him to lose my support (pardoning trespassing war criminal Eddie Gallagher, instead of executing him).

How about the Jan. 6 fiasco? I’d call that more than a blunder.


Nick I couldn’t agree more. I would much rather put up with some mean tweets, that really were not mean at all just truthful, then what we got now any day. We need a business man in there instead of a rino career politician, that’s owned by all the liberal junkies and China like all political people right now in congress and white house. What ever happened to politicians with a backbone, instead of them with their money under the table. Sad time in America.