This is the first time I’ve run across one like this. Anyone else seen this? Powered via 110 receptacle.

Recirc pump. Somewhere in the house(furthest point) you might find a ‘bypass’ contraption.


Funny though those things are usually on a return line and I don’t see a return at all.

That’s what I thought. The water heater is plumbed like a typical one is. The only difference is this pump is installed between the heater and the cold supply. There’s no other plumbing attached to it, or wiring. It’s simply plugged into a 110 receptacle.

At a set of stops, you will see something that looks like a crossover pipe. Usually at the furthest away from the wh, but some people install them in the bathroom used most.


Looks like this: More info HERE


Bingo! When installed it looks like some wierd octopus. Especially with steel braded hose.


Weird is all I have to say. Because I didn’t see anything that resembles that. There were 3 baths, there was nothing like that under any vanity (which is where I assume it might go). All vanities had straight forward plumbing, nothing different. Matter of fact the entire system was typical except for the pump on the inlet to the water heater.

Thanks guys!

Plus I looked at the details from Mikes link, they show the pump on the hot water side and not the cold inlet to the heater. Or am I looking at it wrong. What good is it doing if it’s on the cold water side?

It can be on the cold side but there has to be a crossover someplace near the end of the longest loop to the hot side.

Was ther “instant” hot water at the furthest fixture?

Very simplistic sketch of HW recirc line.
typical hw recirc.jpg

These things haven’t been used like this for years unless there is a great distance between HW heater and last fixture.

  1. Runs 24/7.
  2. Hot water cools in recirc line. Adds long line to heat continuously.
  3. Higher maintenance. Pump and check valve.

Usually centrally located heaters are used.

Don’t see anything on this install that would indicate a recirc line.

typical hw recirc.jpg

typical hw recirc.jpg

Here’s a shot of the lower half of the tank. No recirc. line at all.

I understand the concept and all, I just don’t see how this set-up is effective. There was not a by-pass visible anywhere. The system had 65 psi on it. This was a small 1800 sq ft 2 story on a slab. The furthest fixture was in the jack/jill bathroom which was really not that far away (no bypass at this fixture).

There was no immediate hot water at fixtures either, just the typical wait time of 20 sec or so.

Then why a pump. I have no clue.
Sure it is a pump? Might be Solenoid and what is on the dial?

Just noticed in the original photo that it may be a pump with a timer function built in.
Looks like either a timer or temp dial.

Do you have a close up or model number for the pump?

Brand is Laing


I’m beginning to believe it’s just an incorrect installation. I’ve searched several brands and none show the installation as in my picture.

Could be.
There is a timer to set when the pump runs.
Do you have a picture of the other side of that wall behind the water heater?

It was the half bath, with the toilet directly behind the heater.

The cold has to come from the meter/supply somewhere.
I’m looking for a tee fitting for the recirc line.