Purchase offer wording?

I’m a recently licensed home inspector in NY and I also do some real estate investing. In NY, home inspectors are not allowed to perform an inspection on any property that they have a financial interest in.

It seems to me that I can walk a property and bring defects to the seller’s attention without breaking the law being that a home inspection consists of the inspection and a report. I would not be writing a report.

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding the wording for a purchase offer when I decline a home inspection Contingency and intend to base the purchase on my personal observations?

In the past, I have stated that I would not be basing the purchase on a home inspection; but that I would be walking the property myself and evaluation the condition. This was before I was licensed.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Maybe get another inspector that you know and tag team with him o his name is on the report but you can communicate during the inspection. It may cost a little but well worth it.


That’s a good suggestion. Thanks Larry!

Your opinion would be just that with a seller, your opinion. A home inspection with a written report from a licensed inspector will have more merit. Of course the seller is under no obligation to repair anything either way.

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Welcome to the forum Josh, Before becoming certified I tried both methods. 1. I looked at property before I purchased it. 2. Had an inspector tag team it. After experiencing both I choose option 3. Hire an inspector I trust and let them do their work and give me a report. It’s about focus, sometimes if you have a financial interest in a property you won’t be as focused on the inspection portion. I believe it’s a great part of the ethics on inspecting. And if the seller doesn’t concede on price or repairs you can just walk away.

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Thanks for the input guys.

I added a home inspection contingency into the contract. Tag- teaming the place might be a good option as I have had several less than optimal home inspections done for me over the years.

This forum is a great resource. I’ve been reading here for a bit and have picked up a lot of valuable info. The community here is fantastic!