Purlin not supported at very end

Do purlins have to be supported at the very ends or do they just need support every 4’?
I did not call this out since the next support was at the next rafter. I want be clear about the requirement.
My client had another inspector look at the home and I was told that I missed this defect. I did not want to Nit Pick on the builder. What are your thoughts?

In the words or Archie Bunker, “Whoop tee do”. Nothing to worry about.

Hi Joe,
Thank you for the response. I’m just trying to cover my butt. I know its nothing to worry about. I just cannot find anything that says purlins have to be supported at the very ends. Your thoughts?

“I observed no indication of a sagging roof”. If another inspector wants to call in a structural engineer for a non-issue, to find out that he’s an idiot, well that’s his business. No need to 2nd guess the builder if there isn’t an observable defect.

Did the other Inspector provide a valid reference supporting their opinion?

As for “Nit Pick on the builder” there is no such thing. You report everything you find regardless how small it might seem. That’s our job and sometimes what appears innocuous might actually have been a symptom of a larger problem.

Not a defect.

Nothing of concern.

Since you got called out by another inspector, I’d suggest asking for proof of his claim.