Purple discoloration on bus bar

Today’s home inspection I had some discoloration on the neutral and ground bus bar. Seems like this would be caused by heat. I searched on google and through the InterNACHI electrical class and can’t find anything. The panel was located in the garage and no chemicals were found near by. I do not own an IR camera and I only used my IR Thermometer and there was no spikes in temperature. Could this be a loose connection to the bar? My camera flash did not go off and stayed the same when I moved around.

Looks OK from the photo’s since there is no other visible signs of a problem. I’ve seen something similar on GE panels where the ungrounded lug area became discolored.

The multiple neutrals under one screw is a problem though. Each neutral requires it’s own hole in the bus.

Ok awesome, I haven’t seen that before and wanted to do some research. I am calling out the multiple neutrals on one lug.

On a similar note, should we call out the same for multiple grounds on one lug?

Many panels will accept 2 or 3 equipment grounding conductors (EGC’s) under one screw. That information should be on the labeling within the panel.

Awesome, thank you for the input Robert!

Since both bars like similar I don’t think it is an issue of heating. Robert did point out the other issues.

also the white wires connected to breakers should be re-identified with red tape.

The tape or marker can be any color other than green, green with a yellow stripe or grey.

I chose white :mrgreen: