Buss bar overheat?

I would like to know if the color of this neutral buss bar indicates overheating. Seems rather dark on top half. If so, would this warrant a visit from an electrician? Any feedback would be grateful.

Difficult to tell, but I do see common hall marks of overheating on the neutral bar.

You most likely would see some minor corrosion, Doesn’t look like it is overheating, temperature check the panel with a IR thermometer.

I do not see anything that looks serious from picture. That bus bar is going to handle current better than any of the conductors attached to it and a lot more surface area to dissipate any heat. If it did heat significantly, you should see some signs on the conductors.

That bar has been compromised. The screw at the top is rusted.

You have other porblems in that box. Grounds and neutrals under the same screw. And what is up with the aluminum wires on the top lug.

For sure other items… you mentioned grounds and neutrals on same screw… let alone same buss bar.

Robin, in a service panel the grounds and neutrals can share the same bar.

The aluminum is either a ground or neutral from an SE type cable.

Wow, tell us more…

My gues is that the discoloration could be from overheating or just plain old age and discoloration from… moisture perhaps? I mean the rusty screw does compromise the panel. Aluminum does have a bad habit of discoloring when it gets damp.

Thanks for the help. And as long as I have you on the line… I’m wondering about the stranded bare copper ground. There is a decal indicating that the neutral buss bar is only suitable for solid wire. You can see part of the decal in the background. I see this a lot in my area. Is this generally acceptable?

I have never seen a neutral bar that was only for solid conductors. Do you have a closeup of the label?

Agree aluminum is SE. While ground and neutrals are bonded, we always kept them on separate bars when wiring them. Having said that have been out of trade a few years now.