pushomatic quadruple tap???

I’m pretty sure quadruple taps are not allowed:roll: , but is this style breaker allowed to have double taps. an electrician is going to be called to installe a sub panel anyway, but i’m curious.

100_0901 (Small).JPG

If both wires can be well secured without touching each other, it probably was designed for a double tap.

Jay, you are right that is multi tapping is a big concern, pushmatic panels are also very old and hard to get parts for, it was talked about not too long ago.

No double taps on this breaker.
Good call some do not like Bulldog pushmatic panels .
I have no big concern with them even if they are over 40 years old .
.You can still buy new breakers for them in Canada Very expensive .
Roy sr

Hi to all,

Pushmatic breakers are not rated for double taps.

One of the problems with these panels is that they have relatively little capacity for breakers (typically 20, less if double pole 240’s are needed) this was fine when they were installed 40 odd years ago but modern power requirements tend to need more. this is why you’ll often see double taps on older panels.



Would it not be best for the client to just upgrade the whole panel instead of a sub-panel, the man’s there and got the parts$$$$

Hi Charles,

yes I tend to agree with you, if it were my home I’d go that route and install a larger modern panel, the cost difference is probably around $5-600.



Agreed…Nothing about that LUG will allow Multi-Taps.

Here is the one I came across recently. . .

Seven switches for service disconnect.




i totaly agree with you on this, however , it’s not my call. the sellers have stated that they will call an electrician to install a sub. i think they’re going to find out the hard way that the electrician will also want to upgrade the whole deal. good luck arguing with the guy once he disconnects the power:D :smiley: