Bulldog "Push-o-matic's" information

I found this in a 48 year old home that was very well kept. The MSP had screw terminlas, not pressure. I can not find any info. on these and am not exactly sure how I should report this. Any Information would be helpful.
Michael Ashburn

Some people say oh! they are old so they should be removed .
I had them in my last home .
I see nothing wrong with them .
I too find them some times . I treat them like any other panel ,if nothing outstanding look check and move on .
In Canada I understand you can still buy new breakers for them Very expensive.
I had a bunch of breakers I kept and never needed. Left them behind .

Roy Cooke sr …royshominspection.com

Hi to all,

I tend to agree with Roy, the pushmatic panels and breakers were well built anf reliable when new, I now see some sticking breakers, but the biggest problem is that they were always somewhat limited for capacity and I commonly see many double taps and other creative wiring. Replacement breakers are expensive and can be hard to find.



Thank you gentlemen. I did find a few smaller posts about them when googled. The Panel was very clean, no DT, very well kept, current owner has 4-5 xtra breakers in storage. I now feel that the system is older yet still reliable for the time being, “if upgradeing or remodeling sytem may need serviced.”

Michael Ashburn


That is about all you can do, while I see and replace a lot of older panels in my time it really depends on the condition of the panel which tells a lot of the story. If the panel is in rough shape and cramed with wires and double taps are present then you are warranted to direct attention to it. However, if the panel is clean and in good shape it is very hard to tell a person they will need to spend 1,200 to 1,500 in an upgrade…and still be able to sleep that night…

Other than what Gerry has stated…you could recommend evaluation by an electrical contractor because of the age and everything has an expiration date per say…but as for your end…probably all you really can do.

Thank you all again for your wisdom. I got to speak to an electrician today and he has seen his share around this area. He gave the same advice, as to the condition of components, DT, etc…

Thank again, Michael