Putting Move In Certified on my website

I want add this service to what I do on my website and am having a hard time coming up with a way to describe it and the process of it without it sounding silly.

Sooo I was wondering if any of you have a link or advice on how you did yours?

Does anyone have one that wouldn’t mind I stole and modified and used on my own site?



If your website has a section for real estate agents, use talking points in http://www.moveincertified.com/agents

If your website has a section for home buyers, use talking points in http://www.moveincertified.com/buyers

If your website has a section for home sellers, use talking points in http://www.moveincertified.com/sellers

David, send me your e-mail address, and I’ll send you some stuff I made for my mass e-mails and web site.

Have a look at mine as well for ideas http://www.ontariohomeinspectionservice.ca/moven-certified-pre-listing-home-inspections/

David, here is my blog on Sellers Inspections. Use it how you want. Good Luck, Joe :slight_smile:

Feel free to grab some of the points on my page (most of which was gotten here from Nachi): http://www.sandiegohomeinspect.com/listing-agent-home-inspection


I love the pic at the bottom, I took it, it’s on my flyer. That is the first Move in Certified inspection I ever did.

Looks good. I don’t mind.
But you are busted!!

Steve, i like your MIC stuff, around here, the attitude seems to be

“If im a seller and find something, then i have to disclose it, i’d rather gamble that the buyer 's inspector misses whatever it may be, and i can be uninformed of the defect so i dont legally have to tell them.”

I have met harch resistance to this in my area, i dont know any inspector or realtor who has had a seller hire an inspector. Maybe us New Englanders are just jaded miserable folks.

I’ve been asked to do 1 in 4 years. Agents around here seem to do their best to shoot this idea down.

I actually did one today. I got a call yesterday. The home is in a community about 40 miles east of Denver. Owners live in AZ, home vacant. They want to make sure they fix everything prior to listing.
The home is in pretty good condition.
This is the 3rd one for me in 2 years.