Free "Move In Certified" sign riders for any agent who's listing is Move In Certified

If any of you do a seller’s inspection, ask the listing agent if they want a custom sign rider (a little sign that hangs off of their real estate sign). I’ll make them one and ship it to them (or to you so you can hang it for them)… NO CHARGE.

It will say:

This home is Move In Certified


I’ll pass the word to our local agents-
I’m due to send them another newsletter soon.

Thanks, Nick!


Is ready to market?
How do we sign up?

I want to put the MoveInCertfied sign on my web site and
link to the main page. It will sell itself.

Put this on the main site for a “benefit to Realtors”.
It will help them sell the house. We need to promote
this to and other forums when you are ready.


Wow, that sounds enticing, can I get an idea of what one looks like?
I’ll peddle it to some of the RE agents that I know of, in hopes they’ll think it’ll help sell the homes…

This was copied from the real estate agents page in ‘Move In Certified’:

“Agents can recommend certified NACHI inspectors as opposed to being at the mercy of buyer’s choices in inspectors.”

Why should NACHI care about what agents think of a buyer selecting their own inspector? In my opinion this shows heavy favortism of the agent and not the buyers right to choose.

Erol, the potential buyer has **no **right at all to choose the home inspector for the seller. The seller is paying for the home inspection on his own home. The buyer only has a right to choose the buyer’s inspector.

Steven, this is what a typical sign rider looks like: It is most often hung under (but sometimes put on top of) the brokers FOR SALE sign to say something like “Just Lsted” or “Price Reduced” or “Move In Certified” or whatever.

Russell and John, it is ready, but new. So it is a bit raw. I’m sure we’ll make improvements to over time. Go for it.

The core system, has been well tested and is being used several hundred times a day already. We hope to cross the 1,000 reports a day mark by Labor Day.

Nick. there’s enough info on the site alone to create a tri-fold brochure.
I have my weekend’s work cut out for me, targeting North Idaho.

I’ll run it past you as I develop it.



I posted the link and a yard sign picture on my
web page, along with the free ebook “how to sell your house for more”.

This will help start the ball rolling. I will do more shortly.

Let’s not forget the FSBO folks.

I have a page dedicated to it at: