There is always something for the first time. No matter how long you are in the business. Today I got a call from a realtor, who found me on the internet. He said he was very much impressed by my qualifications, but he would like to know how many deals did I kill for 10 years?:roll:

Hello Yuri - interesting - how about those that self-destructed by the deplorable condition of the home?

Which realtor was it Yuri? It would be interesting to know how many of his homes have been deal killers in the past 10 years.

Inspectors don’t kill deals. Houses don’t kill the deal, either, IMO.

The deal is actually killed by home sellers and their real estate agents. The deadly shot is fired into the heart of the deal when the seller and his agent fail to disclose material defects that surprise the buyer before the close of escrow.

When the buyer discovers them in an inspection report instead of a disclosure form, he is naturally suspicious and offended.

Sometimes, the buyer will still be interested enough to offer a lower price or request the seller to repair or replace the defects. Some sellers deal another potentially fatal blow by refusing to fairly address the buyer’s legitimate request and concerns.

Home sellers who do not want to kill their own deals will pay for a pre-listing inspection so that they can fully disclose the condition of the property … and can use the report to repair or replace defects before the buyer ever sees them.

Home sellers and their agents who fail to properly disclose material defects are the real deal killers.

That is basically what I answered him. I said that I don’t kill deals but some homes did commit suicide right in front of me.:slight_smile:


Class Yuri!!! LOL!

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You just had to tell hime you hadn’t inspected any of his listings.