Real estate agents and Home Inspectors/ "Deal Killers"

Well put.


It has been my experience in our area that MOST agents are working in the best interest of there clients.

The complaints I hear regarding inspectors are about the ones who miss stuff and do poor jobs.

The best thing about being a deal killer is most Realtors are stupid enough to call me that in front of their clients. I get a lot of inspections that way and those buyers will pay your fees with out batting an eye. I would send those Realtors thank you gifts but I would be afraid they would caught on.:stuck_out_tongue:

Troy …

My 35 year experience is almost exactly like yours ONLY opposite.

SOME work in the buyers best interest, but way too MANY don’t.

Plus, we seem to have a butt-load of inspectors that brag about how the REA’s use them because they want the best inspector, the most thorough, the inspector that really knows how to keep a house in perspective OR knows how to treat an older house, etc, etc.

When in actuality that inspector is the one the other inspectors call “Mr Softy” OR “The Realtors Friend”, etc. … OR their fee’s are in the bottom 1/3rd of the competent inspectors OR their reports are under 20 pages AND loaded with Pics, etc OR better yet a combination of all three. Just saying … In my Area. Other areas may be different.

Me too, minus 27 years of experience :D.

Regardless, isn’t peculiar how Inspectors can be so different? I just find it absolutely baffling.

I have never heard this. Ever.

I’m always amazed at how bad the Realtors seem to be in other areas of the country.

I guess we are lucky to work with a lot of professionals who truly work in the best interest of their clients here.

Last spring I paid $200 to be allowed to distribute flyers and CMI brochures in a large KW office with 296 REA’s. They limit the number of inspectors to join their “Allied Services Program” to three.

Since “joining” in February, I have had one inspection from that office.

Being a CMI, in business over 10 years, having insurance up the wazoo, tells the REA’s not to hire or suggest me, because I will be more of an alarmist than the other HI’s.

Just an example how it is all backwards here in KC. REA’s commit to the NAR and other realtor associations to provide the best. They do not.

Is that what you think it is, luck?

There are good and bad in all industries not just real estate. I’ve seen the good and the bad first hand.
I have an agent here that wants me to inspect the home she sells but hates it when I inspect the homes she is listing. Says I’m too hard on them!! Talk about bi-polar! Some agents use me because I tell it like it is and others don’t for the same reason. I had an agent ticked off at me because I put down the age of the furnace and also the life span. It was over the normal operating life by ten years. You can’t seem to win no matter what you do so it’s time to ignore all the BS and do your job.

The majority of complaints I hear in our area are along the lines of:

  1. He took too long … he was there 3 hrs on a 2800sf house. I’m way too busy to waste that kinda time.

  2. His report was 35 pages (or more) long. AND it didn’t have a SUMMARY page so I had to read the whole thing to advise my buyers what to ask for. I’m way too busy to waste my time reading through a book like that.

  3. He was so picky … From being exposed to the better inspectors, I knew that many of the things he talked about or wrote up were not CODE 55 years ago when this house was built BUT he talked about them anyway.

  4. His report was 35 pages (or more) long. AND it had a SUMMARY page so I did not have to read the whole thing to advise my buyers what to ask for. BUT when a buyer see’s that much paper they think they have the right to ask the seller to do more than just whats on the SUMMARY so we end up negotiating for days OR losing the deal. I’m way too busy to waste my time with that.

  5. About 3 days after the inspector left, the sellers dishwasher quit. They’re positive the inspector did something to break it; they want him to pay to get it fixed AND he won’t do it. I’m way too busy to waste my time dealing with that sort of thing. He’s got insurance and I’ve told him to just use it to make everybody happy / He won’t…

  6. About 6 days after the buyers moved in to their house (which was 1.5 months after the inspector was there), the sellers sewer backed up. The neighbors tell them this happens about once a year. The buyers are really mad that the inspector MISSED this AND they want him to pay to get it fixed AND he won’t do it. I’m way too busy to waste my time dealing with that sort of thing. He’s got insurance and I’ve told him to just use it to make everybody happy / He won’t…

That’s the type inspector complaints I hear in KC about 95% of the time.

Not sure. What would you call it? I can only speak about what happens in my area. I have plenty of deals go south after my inspection, and all I hear is see you on the next one.

I’m not saying there aren’t any Realtors that don’t complain here, but they are few and far between.

I recently performed an inspection for an out of town buyer.
When I finished & went over the report with the 2 agents,
they said with stupid looks on their faces:
“be gentle Marc, we are both single mothers”. :roll:
I wanted to say what the hell is that supposed to mean?
But instead I just let it go in one ear & out the other.

Great example of dirt bag agents.

Your new. Just give it some time.

There are good ones and bad ones everywhere with everything, unless of course you live in utopia.

Do you live in utopia Troy? :wink:

Six years in this business so I guess it’s luck or utopia :slight_smile:

Perhaps Troy is “that inspector” that writes soft reports and sux up to the agents. That would explain why he never hears any of the stuff everyone else hears! He’s the “pet” inspector!

Would have expected no other type of response from you :slight_smile:

Jeez Guys, what do you expect from this kind of discussion do you expect to have one answer?

Big country, many experiences.

For what it’s worth, I haven’t ever had an agent try to manipulate me, coerce me, ever.

Just “lucky”, right?

Good advise. I have worked with a few bad realtors and one thing I found to be a common theme was my client was always very pleased with my service (in fact I recently had one tell her realtor to butt out…awesome!). I don’t care if I don’t get referrals from the realtors…I would rather get referrals from my clients.