PVC Coming Out of Foundation


It’s not the primary or secondary from the AC or Hot Water. What could this be?
It’s a Slab in Texas. No Basement.

What size pipe?
Uncapped cleanout for DWV;
Laundry drain pan termination;
Roughed-in conduit for future use or low voltage.

Floor drain for second floor laundry (though I’ve never seen one exit through the foundation)?

Looks like single story

I’ve seen a few houses on the Jersey shore that had that. Turned out that the pipes were for septic overflow so if the waste lines got clogged (wherever), the waste would flow to the outdoors instead of backing up in the house.

If you can’t trace the pipe, call it a hose reel. Did you check the panel?

Not a laundry drain. I have never seen anything like that here. No second floor. Maybe rough in conduit, although they usually use surf tube here for low voltage.

Oh well, Hose reel it is!