Strange Pipe at Laundry Drain

Was looking at a condo in a 4 story building yesterday. This shot is in the laundry room at the laundry box in the wall. The unit was vacant so there was no washer there, but if there was its drain hose would be going down the drain opening.

Question is what the heck is the plastic pipe coming down from UP at the top of the laundry box. I thought it might be from the AC coils (up in the ceiling over the tub) so I ran the AC for 1 hour, but no condensate ever came out of the line. The water heater is a room away mounted on a closet type shelf SO as unlikely as it seems, I started wondering if this extra pipe could be from another unit.

IF it is a working drain of some type, WHEN the washer hose is in the drain opening HOW would any drainage from this line get into the drain opening??

PS … Neither the exit point of the water heater drain line OR the condensate drain line could be located. Any thoughts???

Auxiliary/drain pan drain.

Up Hill?

Probably a secondary pan drain or a condensate drain for hvac equipment.

Every time I’ve seen that, it’s been for the secondary condensate drain line.

Often the T&P discharge from the water heater and yes the clothes washer drain is in the way. Since it’s CPVC I suspect that is what it is in this case

And you know this how?
Sure looks like PVC Sch. 40 to me.
I agree with Sean, Juan, and myself :smiley:

Not sure. Looked like CPCV to me on the computer I’m using. I have certainly seen them configured to use the laundry discharge as an indirect receptor for T&P and as condensate receptor. I guess nobody should assume one over the other without being there to verify. Maybe that’s why I didn’t state it as an absolute.

Did they have a Water Softener?

No water softner and again whatever it is IF it started leaking HOW would water actuallu get into the drain opening with the washing machine drain hose in there??

There may be enough space around the drain, but once it starts leaking, you would need to call an HVAC guy anyway.

It helps if they use the right box. One for the washer drain line the other for the condensate or water softener

Yeah… :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 8.15.19 PM.png

looks like a drain from an upper level HVAC pan…
Not right… but I have seen it before…

based on op pic
4007 3/4" charolette pipe type
sch 40 pvc
pg 25

Well today I had to look this up. I’m pretty sure this set up is for a future water softener in a high rise condo.