PVC Main Line

Is schedule 40 PVC allowed for a main water supply?
The line came up from the street as copper but changed over to pvc when it entered into the house in the garage…

I have found that to be the typical installation methods for most munincipalities.

This was a first with me, it is usually copper in cow town.
Thanks for the input…


I must have misread your initial posting and after talking with you on the phone my response is not correct. Schedule 40 pvc “according to the licensed plumber that we use” Is not an approved material for distribution inside the home.

I have to agree with Paul, sched 40 is not rated for distribution, that is normally CPVC instead



P2904.5 Residential water distribution within the dwelling shall conform to NSF 61 and one of the standards listed in table P2904.5 All hot water distribution pipe and tubing shall have a minimum pressure rating 100 psi at 180°F

Galvanized steel pipe
Stainless steel

Sch 40 PVC does not meet these requirements as has been said and is not listed for potable supply. If you’ve ever drunk from PVC you know what I mean, tastes nasty. Probably does nasty stuff inside when ingested. I didn’t let it linger.