PVC to ABS joints

There is now an approved glue for PVC to ABS joints - and these joints may now be legal.

I would assume it dries green as well so we will know when it has been used. Might be a bit hard to see the green color against a black pipe. Has anyone used this or seen it on an inspection?

This has been “out” for a long time. Yes, I do see it occasionally & I used to use it myself.
FYI - I’ve also used the red All-Purpose numerous times for ABS/PVC transitions with no problems.

Not exactly.

In WI one such joint between old and new work is permitted and the green stuff has been around for for more than a few years.

See post #5

it is very easy to see…very green…

Good to know. I searched for previous posts regarding this and came up with nothing. Not sure why the one you referenced, Michael, didn’t show up for me.

The main reason I posted is because I am still seeing CE courses say that this is still not allowed, that’s all.