PVC vent at chimney

The home was a brick sided house. How would you report the PVC vent in the chimney?

I feel it is a lazy installation. Didnt want to go thru brick.

There is no way to cap chimney with vents. Also the flue was displaced & broken.

Any comments would be appriciated.


81806 Parma Heights 014 (Small).jpg

81806 Parma Heights 015 (Small).jpg

81806 Parma Heights 032 (Small).jpg

I don’t see a problem with running them up the old flue and I’ve seen them capped effectively too. I’ve seen where they cut holes in a solid cap at the top of the flue and where they’ve ended the pvc pipes below a pre made rain cap…they both looked and appeared to work well.

I’d just report that the newer pvc vent runs up the old chimney/flue and recommend a rain cap be installed.

Is that one vent or two? 1st pic. looks like two vents coming up, one with an elbow and one without. Anyway, one vent looks like it terminates vertically, where water and debris will enter the PVC. Not good if that’s the case.

No requirement for a rain cap that I’m aware of, but I recommend them. Flue being broken is irrelevent if it’s only used as a channel for the PVC flue.