Rain cap on these small disconnected chimneys? what were they originally?


Apologies in advance if this is a silly question; I just want to clarify. I came across what I think is the same thing on two houses within a month, in the same neighborhood. It appears to me to be a small square brick chimney, which I assumed was originally ventilation for a wood-burning stove or something. Both were approximately in the middle of the house. Both had a metal grate on top and looking down from the top all i could see was bricks all the way down. Both terminate in the crawl space. On both reports I marked that a rain cap should be added.

But now I’m wondering 1) should a rain cap be added? They don’t appear to be in use for anything and the chase inside the house is walled over. I’m assuming rain cap should still be added so water doesn’t get into the crawl space, but a second opinion would be greatly appreciated.
and 2) what was the original purpose of these? I realize it’s probably not relevant for reporting but I’d like to be able to speak intelligently about these things. Were they necessarily originally built as a chimney or vent, or could they have originally been part of the structure or something else?


they were a chimney for something, quite possibly an old abandoned fireplace somewhere in the home. You are correct they should have a cap or be sealed to prevent water intrusion…


All kinds of wrong going on here!!


There are other problems with these to include flashing. But also, water is attacking these chimneys. Mortar deterioration inside and out. Therefore, not only do they need to be sealed, the brick work needs to be repaired or the chimney removed to below the roof line.

I think you would have been better off just describing what you see such as; brick/mortar deterioration, improper or inadequate flashing, no rain cap etc and then elevate to a qualified contractor for repairs and corrections.


If you can verify that they are no longer in use, they should cap them to prevent water intrusion or take them down.
If it is being used for anything, it should have a liner respective to what is being vented.
That whole roof is crapola, along with vent boot flashings an the flashing around that chimney.
Recommend a qualified roofer for repairs.


It was probably set up for an old furnace in the crawl space at one point.

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nah why worry, pay attention to that?

Few worry, pay attention to the foundation walls, leaky basement, mold etc lollll if ya know what i mean - nah, let the water IN… it’s… apparently OKAY!!! haha

maybe you could get 1 of those ‘professional’ water diverting co’s to, put in some drain tiles n a sump pump inside somewhere, it’s OKAY… no problem allowing water into the house - JK!

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have you considered crawling inside for a better look? :sweat_smile: I’m just kidding but it does look somewhat unsound I’m just noticing some bricks falling out of place. The ridge caps on the newer part of the roof look wrong and the penetration and also the edge of the flat roof seems to slope inward toward the roof