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Question - First time I’ve seen this and I need help . . . turned the hot water on in the two bathroom sinks, out came in appearance ‘white looking water’ . . . after a few minutes it seemed to clear up. Water heater abt 18 years old, and I was able to view some galvanized plumbing . . . house is about 59 years olds. Is it the water heater with sediments or the galvanized plumbing or what?
Thanks in advance for your help.


May be air in the system (?)

Or do you have chlorine build-up?

Mike, If it is aeration of hot water a filled glass will clear rapidly.

Didn’t think about a glass, but I as I now think about it, I didn’t have a glass, the house was vacant and as I remember the water remained “white looking” in the bottom of the copper sink for a long while, at least 5 min or longer (didn’t take a picture, dummy me) . . . thanks for the replies.

To answer:

Do not know