Qod 10-30-2006


I wonder what this plumber had in mind?


I thought that I would help Gerry out with these questions.

Another angle.


Thanks Greg for the QoD, I would like seeing it come back at least once in a while. Got to love some of the creative plumbers out there.:shock:

Thanks Greg, good question & picture



Well Greg…it’s obviously a giant beer keg, with the pipes going through the wall to the refrigerator where they cool the beer to just the right temperature, and then release it with the appropriate “head” into the inspectors waiting mouth.

Dedicated to Russel Ray:twisted:

Why are you making a joke about this, **this is a very good post for members education not about drinking beer GROW UP ]
Thank’s Greg, know lets get some good answers !!!
There is more than one problem that’s for sure.

Oh good Lord Leonard! It was a reference to RR’s pipe over the stove. YOU grow up and quit yelling at people. Learn how to control your temper and lighten up.

Electrical BX cable has no wire anchor at tank junction.
Plastic plumbing shouldn’t run down close to the union. S/B 18" away
TPR discharge line improper

Thats all I could tell from the picture…I also don’t think that fitting is made for pex piping? couldn’t tell what its made from, but most pex I’ve seen require crimp rings.

I do not see a bond attached.
TPR piping is FUBAR
Should be metal piping out of hot water side.

Dr Seuss should not perform plumbing work.

And Thanx Greg, I love these QOD’s.

Thanks Greg,

I checked 3 (TPR, mismatched materials, BX not secured properly). I see several checked 4 things. I’d like to know for my own C.E., “what did I miss?”


It’s hard to see, but are there multiple lines coming out of the TPR as well?

and going back into the cold water?

That is a good catch Bruce. There was a relief valve between the cold water supply and the TPR drain line. I am really not sure why they did this. Maybe some of the plumbers on here can explain.

I would like to hear what all of you thought before I share my thoughts.

Thanks for participating in the QOD.

  1. dissimilar metals
  2. material not approved for drain line
  3. Cold water line taps into TPR drain line
  4. BX not secured
  5. Blocked access to electrical timer box

Another item that you cannot see is the TPR drain line discharges to the floor. This is in a two story home with the water heater on the second floor.

Looks like FMC to me and the required disconnect for this appliance is not mentioned, and the time clock, it is a classic case of someone trying to save money!

Where did you find this mess?


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Regarding your item #2, material not approved for drain line, I checked one particular PEX manufacturers website and see theirs is rated at 100psi @ 180F.

I guess my question is why you feel the material is not approved. I checked my IRC and nothing really was specified other than it must meet the specs in P2904.5 which is the 100/180 mentioned earlier.

Hi Andrew,

I state that because the TPR Valve is set for 150 psi or 210 degrees.

I can see that logic. But how does that agree with the IRC? In one section they just refer back to another with lower ratings. I guess CPVC would fall into the same category. But then I see CPVC all the time for TPR drainline.

I did see PEX one time, spoke with my client and he had the builder look into things. Basically for the reason you cited. Plumber came out while I was still there and said they do it all the time.

To follow up with a non interested third party, I asked a plumber and a water heater warranty guy (they were out doing work on my house) and both said it depends on the AHJ. The plumber said they always use copper to avoid any problems. The water heater guy said that if they do a reinstall then they use whatever is currently in place.

Thanks for the clarification.