QOD for 04/09/2006

Hi to all,

Here is todays question.



bathreturn (Small).jpeg

At least they didn’t hang the plunger from it…:smiley:

Will probably need a handful of those little automobile stink trees to “offset” the odors being drawn into the return.

Are you saying the return should not be there??–dang, I voted for “toilet too close to the wall”

i don’t like to let the whole house know what happens in that room when i’m in there alone:-s :blush: , or what i had for dinner and what it did to me:mad: . what would be worse is if it acts like an echo chamber and each register acts as a speaker. i think i’d face alot of snickering and giggles when i return.:oops:


Do you mean the correct answer is not decor?

no no no, your right, that boarder totaly clashes with the pictures over the toilet.:mrgreen: :neutral: :cool:

i mean realy, strips and prints, after laborday??? i never.

I wouldn’t have- gotten it right if Gerry hadn’t named the picture “Return in Bath” ;>}


I wonder if the supply was in the kitchen? ha. ha.
Would that not add flavor to the concoctions going on in that room.??

Marcel :wink:

:roll: :roll:

Gerry, the subtle Brit.


Reminds me of an old proverb about a man sitting in church…

An additional source of gas for the furnace

Gerry, i have to say, I have been miserable for the last 12 hours batteling a kidney stone and that picture put a smile on my face and made me laugh. I would hate to be on the other end of that A/C vent after the kids had Taco Bell for dinner!! :smiley:

Great photo. :slight_smile: Compliments to the Chef… :wink: Odor for all… :mrgreen: