QOD 3-5-2006 Wood Construction

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Four out of five termites surveyed prefered the 24% moisture content lumber for easier mastication and full digestibility.


I understand that carpenters like it also. They can sink a 16d nail with one swing.

Seasoned lumber?



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Since seasoned lumber includes air-dryed lumber as per the link above there can be a problem when the lumber has no stamp.

Lumber that has no certification stamp such as lumber cut and air dried with a portable bandmill is not allowed to be used around here unless you do two things. First off it has to be used in accordance with #3 grade span tables even if it appears to be #1 or #2 grade.

Second, it has to be dried more than 19 percent, I think the number was something like 9-10 percent.

Some states or individual counties adopted some special rules that allow the use of homemade lumber with reasonable limitations. The rules here are not reasonable in my opinion. My bandmill sits at rest in the backyard…