Are these Termites?

Sorry if its a newbie question, but I am just starting out.

I don’t see any termite or other WDO. I am licensed to do WDO inspections. Be careful how you word “possible wood destroying insects” and recommend a pest inspection if you are not licensed. Step on the wrong toes and you could get fined depending on your state.

I don’t see any, Jesse. :+1::smiley:

It looks like wood cracks or such, from N. MI…

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Thank you very much. I googled termite tunnels and they looked similar.

Yes, some of them do look similar, Jesse.

Keep asking and before you know it, you’ll be the one answering. :smile:

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You’re welcome! Keep it up. :+1::grinning:

IMO, that ‘stick’ should not have been cut from that section of the log. That board appears to be at the transition of the heart wood and the sapwood, thus the splitting in a circular pattern.


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Makes sense. Pretty cool illustration!

Jesse, hello!

In fact, you have no termites in the tree. A few years ago on our farmland was a wooden small building. And there termites were brought. The tunnels were much deeper and there were more. So take it easy. Or if you in doubt, call the appropriate service.

Looks kinda like ring shake. The growth rings in trees can separate at times due to stresses in the wood or disease. Kind of hard to tell from the pic but something g you can look into.

Great response Jeffrey that was a perfect illustration of what we were looking at!

Thanks Alan.
I spent 20 years in Washington State and Oregon, and I quickly discovered that if you don’t learn your fair share of things about trees, (especially Douglas Fir), you’re either not paying attention or you’re a complete friggin’ moron!!