QOD for 1/19/2006 Interiors

Please note this is a multiple choice question, select all applicable answers

Hi to all,

here is todays question. (picture courtesy of Tim Lower)




Is this an inside wall?

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

Hi Ray,

yes this is an interior picture



Does the door close like a good door should? :wink:

I need more info.:stuck_out_tongue:


That crack alone should indicate your action.

Sorry none of the above on one picture. Yes David it does indicate my action. A deeper investigation of what is causing this to happen.How old is the place, what type of foundation, drywall or lath and plaster, does the door close properly, is out of plumb, does the exterior appear to be square and plumb? This is one of those that cannot be determined by one quick look at one aspect of the problem.

Thank you larry :smiley:

Recommend caulk and a spatula…:smiley: …applied liberally…:smiley:

a nice oak cove molding and some well placed brads.

Hi to all,

the correct answers to this question are:

Over spanned floor joists
Foundation issues
Over loaded structure