QOD for 9/24/08

Hi to all,

Just thought I’d start this up again, I’ve had writers block over this for months :frowning:

If anyone wants to suggest some topics for questions, go ahead.



Picture courtesy Joe Funderbunk

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never mind, didn’t notice it was a poll

Hi Gerry,

I was thinking the same thing lately.

Glad to see that you beat me too it.

Looks like it’s still needed Greg :frowning:

Maybe I can just recycle the last 2 years questions :wink:



Gerry, ask a lot of HVAC & Electrical questions, which seem to be everyone’s week spots.

Maybe skip the electrical questions until the know it all gets banned.

Hey Gerry arrange it so I can ask a question or two.

Like: If the air conditioning does not work, would you___________

A. Simply buy them one in court.
B. Hope they don’t notice.
c. Tell them there is no air conditioner.
D. All of the above.

Man I hate you Dale. :twisted:

now that’s funny !!!

Dale, that one had me snorting my coffee this morning, too funny :mrgreen::mrgreen:

I’ll use that one later, but I bet one guy gets it wrong :wink:



hows this for a better response…Please ask your Electrical Questions because they really need to be answered. The only bad questions are the ones never asked…electrical questions should be asked regardless of fear of certain people chiming in as out of it all…somewhere in the responses the answers will be found.

Post Away my friend…

Hi to all,

The correct answer is PB 2110, if you ever see this on a plastic pipe, you are looking at polybutylene.



I’ll be damned… I got it right…

I’m thinking I’d prefer to be blessed but, hey, it’s your choice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to hear ya, Todd.