QOD For W/E 10-23-11 #1

Continuing with some old cooling system questions …

Q: For a heating and cooling system pipes carry refrigerant to an indoor unit called a:

Sorry I misread the question. I thought it said outside unit. In Florida we call it an Air Handler.

This is another example of a poorly worded exam question, so you just have to pick the best answer given the information … :wink:

Is that a heat pump or split AC?:smiley:

Good question, and thats why its poorly worded.

If it’s a heat pump the lines running inside could be going to an evaporator coil in the cooling mode or a condenser coil in the heating mode

The question is from an area where heat/cool systems are typically a furnace with a split ac system, in which case the lines running inside would go to a evaporator coil.