Quebec InterNACHI

Just a question. whom is the ENZO Group?
Link anyone.


A question for InterNACHI Quebec C.E.O. or the incorporate body.

Do all the listed members know they are part of InterNACHI Quebec?

NOTE: I had 2 InterNACHI member call me.
I was under the distinct impression they were not part of InterNACHI Quebec.

Maybe that would best be reviewed.

More questions to follow.

Having been away for some time InterNACHI members in Quebec I see changes.

Please excuse my line of questioning.
I have not been brought up to speed on the association I belong to.
I am a member in good standing in Quebec.

I see what looks like a corporate structure.

Rick Cartmel | Treasurer
GT Inspections
Dorval, QC | 514-639-1169 | Email

Serge Dube | Vice-President
Les services Inspec-Thor inc.
Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC | 866-617-8467 | Website | Email

Gilles Larin, ACI,CMI, NHI | President
Brossard, Qc | 514-944-1977 | Website | Email

Michel Wilson, Cdn Natl Certificate00293 | Secretary
Beaconsfield, QC | 514-908-7613 | Website | Email

Is InterNACHI Quebec an Incorporated body now?
I have received no email notification.

Nor have 2 other members that at the time knew nothing of their indoctrination into InterNACHI Quebec. Or so it seemed at the time of the phone calls.
They wanted to know about dues, insurance yet you have them listed as InterNACHI Quebec members.

Seeing I am an InterNACHI member residing in Quebec and in good standings, could I have a list of all active InterNACHIO Quebec members please.
If so can InterNACHI members in Quebec have the information on how InterNACHI Quebec is structured?

Thanks again.
Best of luck with your endeavor.

More questions pending.