Quebec-Ontario Inspectors ??

Hi I would like to get a general idea of approximately how many home inspectors from another province perform home inspections in Ontario. As you likely know Ontario will likely become the next home inspector licensed province.

I’m trying to gather a rough estimate to present the impact this may have.

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Claude, can home inspectors cross provincial lines while remaining insured?

And Quebec may be next…
Border towns home inspectors may need to pay for 2 licenses to keep practicing!

Robert - I know several inspectors that do. However the issue of insurance requirements it is risk at your own peril, unless required by licensing regulation. Likewise, I know several that go from Ontario to Quebec.

I was interested as Marcel states, will they eventually be required to carry license and likely insurance for 2 provinces?

If you are from B.C., I know that if you want to get an Alberta licence, all you have to do is show your B.C. licence. I don’t think it works the other way around though. Not sure how the insurance works…

I think that as more provinces require licences, this issue will have to be addressed.

Thanks - Dan you are right! I was on a teleconference call yesterday with BC people working on the regs and I asked that exact question about what is their take on let’s say an Ontario licensed inspector moving to BC.

The unofficial response was the licensing requirements would require review before any “formal” approval. So it’s difficult to predict the exact transfer for mobility of licensing recognition.

I wonder of that “review” would just be a rubber stamp to ensure they are in fact licenced in another province.

Interesting ,I Like theses type of posts they can some times get others thinking on how to improve our industry .
Thanks for the posts .