Ontario Legislation - Anyone know what's happening?

Hello all, I am a “newbee” to the inspection industry (so please be gentle :))

Can anyone set me straight on what will be happening in Ontario about enacting legislation similar to that of BC (and Alberta?).

Does anyone know where this is going and what the time-line might be?

Also, will NACHI’s courses be recognised by “the governing body-to-be”?


Are you just kidding around? Your first post in the Canadian forum and it already includes the “r” word? :wink:

In all seriousness though… over the years we’ve had many predict that InterNACHI’s free, online inspection courses would not be approved here or there. Most of those predictions have quieted down as of late but we still heard a few this past year while Florida and Alberta were adopting licensing. I’m not sure what causes someone to look at our 800 approvals, accreditations, and “recognitions” (threw the “r” word in for you) and then publicly predict we will be unable to get 801.

Something psychological I guess.

Joe no one has any facts lots of rumors .
This is the best place to find out info .
Please tell us where you live in Ontario… Thanks Roy Cooke

Thanks Roy, I guess I was reading too much into the rumours. I am in Ottawa.

And thanks Nick, I had already seen the info in that link, it is kinda why I wondering about the Ontario situation.


Any group supposing licencing is trying to use scare tactics. There is no licencing on the government agenda for the foreseeable future.

We have in Ontario an election looming, and any new government brought in will have its hands full with other more important issues.

They don’t have the money to put licencing in place either!

I don’t expect tpo see it im my lifetime