Question about door at top of stairs

“code” and “safety” are sometimes two different things


Could the purpose of a landing also be to prevent a person leaning on the door from falling down those stairs if it accidently unlatched?

Having a bi-fold door like in Marcel’s pictures, open into the stairs would have the same safety issues as a swing door without a landing in my opinion.

How many basement stairways have you seen with a landing at top? I’ve seen very few, most do not.

I do not think it is a requirement to have any type of door, or landing, at at stairway leading to lower level (basement).

I agree. I always thought the purpose of having a landing was so that if you’re in a hurry, you can’t just throw the door open, go barreling through the opening and go summersaulting down the stairs because you didn’t realize there was no landing.

If I remember correctly from college days, a landing is required. Otherwise you don’t have a launching zone for the toboggan. :roll:

I once skied all the way down a set of stairs using just my sock feet for skiis. Landed on my feet at the bottom with the soles of my feet killing me, totally taken by surprise. Took about 3 seconds, top to bottom. It was a very intense 3 seconds.


Is a door required at the top of the basement stairs?

They are not required in my area but if one is installed it must be a certain width which is 810mm (32 inches).

Again this according the National Building Code of Canada, your area may differ.

I agree Bob, just to throw another idea out there. What would our defense be if someone were to bump into the bi-fold and fall down the stairs? I think the outswing bifold door could provide a false sense of security. I would rather see no door at all, than a door such as that one. Since we are not really supposed to quote the “code” what would we use as a defense on our decision to not call that out. I have things in my house that I live with that I would never let someone else live with.

Prevent accidental opening, add this; :mrgreen:


That’s great as long as there aren’t 100 disclaimers on the device’s package that would still leave you with exposure.

Personally, I don’t need one. When I open a bifold, I am standing still, not like a door where you walk out at the same time you open it. I don’t think you will see that in the Building Codes anytime soon.

And any idiot that wants to lean against a door, wether over stairs or not, deserves to fall through or get knocked on his face.:twisted: :mrgreen::wink:

Marcel, I get you point. I am not sure that I would want to see that narrative in my report though…emoticons or not. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

I just think something like that should be called out as a potential safety issue.

Hell, that could be one of the most honest narratives out there. :mrgreen:

Mine has bee like that for twenty years, raised to kids, and two grandkids till age 2 and never had a problem, if you don’t want it to open by accident, lock it. :slight_smile:

Marcel I can’t believe you’d add one of these but leave out the safety nets for the upper cabinets… just reckless i think…:wink:

:mrgreen:Well that one was only $3.49 :wink:

it is a tough economy Sir…

That one’s too expensive too! :mrgreen: Never bought on, never use the door. :slight_smile:

Tough Economy more than one way Jim. Hard for all right now.

How was your day?

There is a limit to my regulation of common sense.

Just had a regular swing in with no landing over the weekend and it is fairly common.

alls good Marcel…nothing to complain about…