Door Landing

Not sure if there is a code for a door landing that a exterior door swings out into. But this one seems unsafe when you need to step back and down to open the door. opinions or facts anyone?

Should have guard rails if that drop is 30" or more…

Also advise to add security hinges, so that hinge pins cannot be removed from outside.

Door installed inside out and not very secure as Charles mentioned.

I just can’t imagine that is the main door and not just a storm door.

A storm door is allowed to open over the landing or stairs.

Railings are only required on 4 risers or more.

Why?, well 7-3/4" risers x 4 = 31", so I guess that would be the clue for railings at 30". :wink:

I don’t see another door. It appears that the exterior door swings out. I thought exterior doors on residences were supposed to swing in. Even so, someone is going to take a header going out that door someday. Looks like all the units were built the same

IMHO… A landing should be at the same height as the floor inside. While it may not be considered a step, it is not at the same height and requires a “step down” to the landing. The door should open in.

None of the windows or the door appear to have Z flashing and I would bet they are caulked all along the top. No warranty for that siding… :roll:

It is not the greatest detail, but I do not believe anything is wrong here. I would not build it this way though. water could sit on the top of the door. Nothing protecting the top of the door from moisture.

Door swings out over a step greater than 1 1/2 inches. Not allowed. Blind trip hazard plain and simple

I had a client walk from a new construction over the same type of siding issue. She took my advice and called Hardie directly. She was told, “the siding was not installed per manufacturers installation instruction and unless repaired properly, the siding warranty was null and void.” The builder said it was fine and would not make the repairs. Sold it to someone else.

Steve, yes there should be flashing above the headers, actually, i believe there was on this house. But the landing and door is good to go.

The width of each landing shall not be less than the door served. Every landing shall have
a minimum dimension of 36 inches measured in the direction of travel

It will be fun trying to open that door after a two foot snowfall

There is no requirement for a door to open in or out.
Eric S. that particular door would still open fine with a 2 foot snow :wink:

The landing is somewhat of a fall hazard but the door itself is not a problem (if it’s designed for outward swing). See it here often.

This is a dicey debate even among code officials because the IBC mixes required egress door and other exterior doors with in the same code article, and to my knowledge a declaratory statement gas not been released.

In Florida most building officials would not allow an exterior outswing door to open over a landing that as more than 1-1/2 inches below the threshold.
311.3.2 Floor elevations for other exterior doors
Doors other than the required egress door shall be provided with landings or floors not more than 7-3/4 inches below the top of threshold
A landing is not required where a stairway of two or fewer risers is located on the exterior side of the door, provided the door** does not swing over** the stairway
Now the dicey part; one could argue that a landing located no more than 7-3/4 inches below an out-swing door is not a stairway but just a singular stair and therefore allowed as it is not specifically prohibited. Most building officials here in Florida will then reference Chapter 2 Definitions.
**Stairway: **
One or more flights of stairs
A change in elevation consisting of one or more risers