Question About Recommended Tools

Hello everyone! New inspector here. I wanted to inquire as to which Radon testers you all use and how they work? I am looking to purchase my first one based on recommendations.

I am also looking for recommendations for methamphetamine testing kits for homes, and also how they typically work.

Thank you so much for any and all help!

I use the Corentium Pro radon monitors and like them. Small, easy, and reliable.


How long do they take to give you a reading?

I show up to retrieve the monitor after 48 hours and can pull up the reading on my phone immediately.

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Is that 48 hours after after you initially set the device? :astonished:

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Yes. Of course. Assuming I didn’t have to set a delay because conditions weren’t correct at the time of placement.

Well, you didn’t say that did you? In fact, a person setting a Radon device cannot definitively say the home conforms to closed house conditions for the 12 hours preceeding your anticipated set time, and should always assume it doesn’t/didn’t, and include the 12 hours in addition to the 48 hour MINIMUM test duration…eh?!

Nope. As a licensed radon measurement professional, I am required to notify the homeowner, or person in charge of the home, about the need for closed building conditions prior to the the 12 hour closed-building period.

I have an email, a text, and a notice in my ShowingTime request that goes to the homeowner and their agent prior to the start of 12 hour period.

If they do not respect the request and I show up to conditions not conducive to testing, I just set a delay and inform my client that the results of the test will be delayed.


My state is not regulated. We have inspectors doing abbreviated radon spot testing. Usually for the length of time of the inspection. Two hours or so.


I provided Radon testing for about 12 years until Minnesota f*cked it’s residents with more money grubbing regulations! Rarely did I ever run a test for the minimum 48 hours. I always went for 60 hours and often 90 hours. Don’t recall ever having an issue with any of my tests.

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That is not good! A legitimate radon test should be no less than 48 hours. And honestly, 48 hours is not a real good picture but it is what the EPA has decided is good enough.

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OK, so NOW the OP has a complete answer to his question and not just a generic “48 hours” and done statement that did him no justice for proper protocol.

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I hear ya and don’t disagree. But the rules is the rules. And unfortunately not everyone has their clients best interest in mind, as Brian has pointed out with his post above. The state just wants to make sure that the tests are done to the most professional standards possible.

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The OP should get complete training prior to starting his business, not settle for a little Q&A on this forum. I don’t think any of us consented to taking responsibility for his training.

I’m just here to give another vote for the Correntium pros. I have several and they work great as long as you have the current version phone app installed and batteries are good.
Like Ryan said, mine usually run 48 hours but sometimes longer if needed or if more convenient for me. I’ll give someone an extra day or two for free if it fits my schedule better and the buyer has the time.

Like JJ pointed out, we don’t know conditions before our test sometimes so we may take that into consideration in order to get the most accurate results.

Edit: and don’t do meth. No more Breaking Bad houses for me. :wink:


And I hear you and don’t disagree, but remember, the 48 hours is the bare MINIMUM necessary for a Short Term Residential Transaction test.
Just like all Codes… the bare minimum to be legal.
Just sayin’.

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I’m not asking for training from you or anyone else in this thread. I’m merely asking for recommendations on tools. Thanks for your concern though.

Any recommendations for meth testing?

Peter. Sorry, my comments were a response to JJ’s post. I was not suggesting that you were seeking training. Read JJ’s post.
Sorry for the confusion.

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Well, you kinda did, which led to the extended discussion.


That’s not a training question. As advertised, many Radon monitors require different lengths of time for reading. As a “seasoned” home inspector, it’s pretty telling that you wouldn’t know that or would conflate a simple logistical question pertaining to specifications on tools to training. You’ve provided literally no contribution to this thread. Have a good day.