Question about tools.

As a new guy who hasn’t actually preformed any inspections for real clients yet, I was wondering what you guys consider the “must have” tools to preform a basic inspection?

Flash light , Ladder, Moisture meter, Thermometer , Hand tools , Coveralls.
Tape measure, level . a good level i carry a 6 foot. Digital camera , voice recorder so you can record and listen later. There are many other tools down the road you will like to have . Gas detector , freon sniffer, carbon monoxide detector. video bore a scope . LOL you learn and buy, but get the necessity tools first .


Good quality software will also be a must. I have differant software, but from what I have read on the message board try Home Inspector Pro, but the pro’s on the message board will tell you it must be your choice. Try some free downloads then decide.

From the search function:

Don’t forget a good outlet/GFCI tester

Don’t forget to carry a spare camera, spare voice recorder, spare flashlights, bulbs, batteries, outlet testers, mirror, t-paper, cooler/water, towels, tool to turn water off at street, tool to turn gas meter off, first aid kit, cell phone charger, laptop with cell modem.

Now how did i forget the GFCI Tester

When I started I reviewed the SOP and identified what tools I would need to complete each area outlined in the SOP and then what tools would make that completion easier.

GFCI tester, good flashlight; pen, 6-in-one screwdriver, telescoping mirror, clipboard, notepad / checklist, binoculars, small ladder (3’-4’).

Anything else is fluff.

Whoops - forgot the golf ball.

Extensive training and a through understanding of the SOP.

Sad to say…all you need in CA is a phone# and a legal pad. Its getting stupid up here in the NorCal area.

key word spare:slight_smile:

Dropped a camera… used a spare in july, dropped a camera TODAY… used a spare. I should take a picture of the things I drop…

Jeff had sent me a link on an impact res. camera. I think I’m ordering.

Oh… moisture meter… dropped. Works… but, am buying a replacement and making it a spare too.

**SPARE… **word for the day, I’m tellin ya.

A brain and ability to use it is the most essential tool.

In terms of hardware the one thing I’d be lost without is my camera. Takes high res shots that let me literally rewalk the home inspection any time I need. It’s the tool that gets the most use and in a pinch I could inspect something in the dark even if I didn’t have anything else.


Tools for turning off water at street and tools for turning off gas at the meter? I’m not sure this is good advice for a newbie or experienced inspector? Lots of risk and liability go along with using those tools for the purposes they are intended…and quite frankly are beyond the scope of a home inspection.

I carry them in my car with no intention of ever using them. I have them for the off case emergency when I think it is absolutely necessary to get them out. So far, I’ve never had to use them, and I hope I never do.

The most important “basic tool” is knowing how to market your business.

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