Question for those who are using the InterNACHI Narrative Library

In the end of narrative titles of the residential template, I included the abbreviation - QC when a narrative recommended a qualified contractor, and - SE when one recommended a structural engineer. It saves the inspector from having to read very similar narratives to find out which one the narrative recommends.

Now that I’ve started a commercial template I’m trying to decide whether to continue using these abbreviations. Anyone got an opinion?

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Hey Kenton, how are you?
I removed all of them from mine. I use the one line option on the Companion for viewing the comment description. I made the descriptions all easier to read and grouped together with a keyword at the beginning of that description. I hope this helps.


Yes it does, thanks Scot! I’m fine now, thanks for asking.

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The companion template will be listed in the New Inspection screen with the other templates in your account. Keep in mind that this is not one of our default templates. If you delete or make mistakes when modifying it you will not be able to install a new pristine copy. Contact and we will be able to do it for you.

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