Question of The Week 8/20/17

Good afternoon all, and welcome to another round of Question of The Week.

Questions of the week;

Introduction and requirements:

A member of the Award Committee will post a question, at a random day/time.

A competing member may make one post per question thread to answer the question and the member’s winning entry must have all parts of the question answered completely in that one post. Editing your one answer post allowed will result in disqualification.

Winnings will be limited to no more than 6 times in a given year, the objective is to allow as many Members a chance to win as possible.
Any disregard to the above and divulging the correct answers will forfeit the weekly winnings.

So please refrain from participating if you have already won in the maximum for the Year.

First correct answer (as judged by the Awards Committee or Poster of the Question) wins.

The lucky winner will get a case of “Now that you’ve had a Home Inspection Books” shipped to them at their address on file. Make sure your Address on File with Inachi is correct.

Courtesy of Nick Gromicko.

Winners of the Question of The Week shall request their prize by emailing and submitting their Mailing address for shipping.

Allow 2 weeks for delivery.


  1. Water testing for coliform bacteria can be a reasonable indication of whether other pathogenic bacteria are present. T/F

  2. Mylar foil tubing is approved for use as a clothes dryer vent material.

  3. A duplex receptacle has 2 wires that are energized.
    The grounded conductor wire should always be ___.
    The other wire doesn’t get connected to the earth, and it’s
    called the ungrounded conductor, or hot wire.
    This wire can be any color besides white or green, but it’s usually
    ___ or ___.

  4. One water water heater problem is the incidence of
    rotten egg odor or black water in hot water lines
    & is caused by the reaction of sulfates and micro-organisms
    in the water heater tank that create Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S).

  1. T,
  2. F,
  3. White, Black, Red,
  4. T.

3-to earth ground, black or red

Question 3 part one could have more than one answer.

White black red

White, Black, Red

T, F, White or Gray, Black, Red, F

My thoughts excatly.

Congratulations Tim, you have just won yourself some books.
Fully the directions on Post #1 to get your books.

Thank you!

You answered your own question. It’s not a water heater problem, it’s a water chemestry problem.

I guess you could look at it that way. But the “problem” originates at the water heater. Without a water heater there would be no “problem”.

Congrats Tim!

Although my sour grapes comment is that gray is a recognised and acceptable color for the grounded conductor…

Your not going to fix it by fixing the water heater - you can only fix it by fixing the water chemistry.

Yes sir Steve!
Just like any test/exam, you must be able to efficiently READ the question.
The question started out incorrect.
Congrats Tim! :smiley:

Tim’s in Michigan. There’s no fixing that water!!

Correct. But water heater was never entered into the question. Congratulations winner.
The questions about water chemistry.

Help me understand ~ “water heater” was entered into the question.

Even though the water heater was the culprit in this Sherlock Holmes mystery…
The essence is about …reaction of sulfates and microorganisms that create Hydrogen Sulfide .
That could happen anywhere in the system, be it the WH or anywhere else in the system.
It could happen in the well tank and beyond. It doesn’t have to be just be the WH.