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Q1 - What are we looking at? What is wrong in these pictures?

Q2 - What is this? What is wrong here?
Q3 - What is wrong here?
Q4 - What is wrong here? How did you determine it was wrong?
Q5 - What is wrong here and how did you determine that/what were your clues?
For all of you music lovers out there let’s play a little game of “One Hit Wonders Of The 1970’s”. These are the clues and you need to provide the name of the band and the name of the one hit wonder song. These are one hit wonder songs in the United States. These bands might have written other songs but the other songs never really made any impressions here in the US. These bands might also have played overseas and made other hits but not here.

MQ1. They started in Ohio and were an all white band that tried to get funky with soul. They took their band name from a box of cough drops.

MQ2 - This Dutch rock band sang about the goddess of love!

MQ3 - This Jamaican vocalist wrote and sang a song about the martial arts.

MQ4 - This British New Wave band performed a song about how a new form of media killed the stars of an older form of media.

MQ5 - This British group wrote a song about a fictional shoot-out between members of Al Capone’s syndicate group and the Chicago Police.


Great ones, Mr. Scanlan. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good ones Many.


Come on hurry up.
I wanna see the music answers!

Do we need to send to a special email or just post the answers here?

Just post here.

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Nice work Emmanuel !!

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MQ1 - Wild Cherry
MQ2 - Shocking Blue - Song was “Venus”
MQ3 - Carl Douglas - Song was “Kung Fu Fighting”
MQ4 - The Buggles - Song was “Video Killed the Radio Star”
MQ5 - Paper Lace - Song was “The Night Chicago Died” (However they did not write it - It was written by Peter Callander & Mitch Murray)

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Shoot. I thought I paid attention to all the details. But I should be disqualified as I failed to mention the name of the song for MQ1.
My mistake and will take my penalty accordingly.

It was fun though!

You need to answer all of the questions of the week, not just the music ones. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Junior.
Please excuse my ignorance as I’m new here and just learning the forum ropes.
I appreciate the feedback.


Welcome aboard, good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Perhaps Manny will consider giving him another shot.
He can be brutal so I do not know.


WOW we got some real music aficionados’ out there and possibly some real old guys like me! :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Craig is more than welcome to try the actual QOTW questions for a win. The music questions are for fun!


BTW for all you Whippersnappers out there that want to see the fashions of the times and hear the great music these are the music videos for those songs. They sound a lot better on 33 1/3 and 45 RPM’s!

MQ1 - Wild Cherry - Play that funky music - YouTube

MQ2 - Shocking Blue - Venus (Official Video) - YouTube

MQ3 - Carl Douglas Kung Fu Fighting (Original Music Video) - YouTube

MQ4 - The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star (Official Music Video) - YouTube

MQ5 - Paper Lace - The Night Chicago Died (Live) - YouTube


Here goes…

Q1, We are looking at a high voltage wire going through a brick wall and a low voltage box. Also what appears to be support for grounding rod/wire.
The High voltage wire should be routed through the electrical panel where it is protected and the hole in the siding sealed with appropriate sealant.
The low voltage wire “conduit” should be rated for such if used at all and should be extended/supported into the bottom of the box.
Can’t tell by the close up what the screws/support above the wire in the siding is intended for, but if it was to support the grounding for the electrical panel, I would say that grounding is missing.

Q2, We are looking at a 4x4 support post. It needs to be attached to the rim joist with though bolts and a metal tension tie and anchored to the porch with a metal tie. It should be replaced with the correct size as adding a spacer to the bottom will compromise support in the near future.

Q3, The support between the rafter and the rafter tie is not adequately attached. It is missing metal tie(s). The electrical wiring should be terminated with the appropriate wire cap.(I would question appropriate spacing of wire supports, but can’t verify based on this picture)

Q4, Based on the picture, I have determined that there is missing strike (nail) plates because there should be one on every 2x4 that has wire through it. I would also determine it needs another Jack Stud because support beams need 2 Kings and 2 Jacks. Lastly, I can see that the wire is looped and I would recommend it be better supported in addition to the wiring being terminated with the appropriate wire cap/nut.

Q5, Evidence of mortar repair on the siding tells me there was moisture intrusion where the holes are. The close up picture reveals cracking which is common for brick walls when moisture cannot escape and movement has occurred. I thought the brick looked wet, but looking the trim it seems to be the shade.

MQ1, Wild Cherry , “Play That Funky Music”
MQ2, Shocking Blue , “Venus”
MQ3, Carl Douglas, “Kung Fu Fighting”
MQ4, The Buggles, “Video Killed The Radio Star” ( just heard that one over the weekend lol)
MQ5, Paper Lace, “The Night Chicago Died”


Thanks Emmanuel.
I just started my training. As a matter of fact just got my cert for the SOP training.
I don’t need to embarrass myself anymore today by answering the prior questions incorrectly.
However, I will definitely take a crack at it in the future.


Whatta killer group!

Wild Cherry Trees’ leaves and twigs contain prunasin, a cyanide known as prussic acid that when ingested, can be fatal

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EXCELLENT try Julie! What we have is an Inspector not afraid to get down in the mud and look closely at what may be there.

Unfortunately no winners this week. The answers are as follows.

A1 - The Intersystem Bonding Termination Device has no connection to the Grounding Electrode System.

A2 - This is a patio roof vertical support with the following issues.

    The main answer for this is:

    The support post does not have a proper base connector to help prevent lateral movement and uplift.
    The post does not have a proper top connector to help prevent lateral movement and uplift.

    There are additional issues present that also would have been considered as an answer.

    The improper block of treated wood at the base has been cut and the end not properly field treated.
    Although not visible it is fully expected the base piece has not been bolted to the concrete and only nailed
    to the concrete below.
    Fasteners are corroding indicating they are not proper exterior rated fasteners.

A3 - The roof structure is improperly supported by a vertical support to a common joist. Had they doubled that joist I wouldn’t have said anything about it.

A4 - Insufficient space has been provided for the ductwork routing. A chase was built into the wall behind the ductwork but due to ceiling and roof construction it could not be used. As a result the ductwork was routed outside of the framed wall where it still does not have sufficient space for routing. This can be seen by how far the ductwork protrudes below and past the diagonal gypsum board nailers for a short vaulted ceiling section. Also ductwork is already being heavily compressed where it is routed back into the attic area.

A5 - These decorative openings in the brick were never sealed off to prevent water penetration behind the brick veneer wall. This is obvious from the clear view of the ZipSystem sheathing (green color) and the ZipSystem tape (black color). These were spread across the front of the home and this one displayed also had damage to the clay/mortar pipe used…


Here’s hoping for the win on the next one. A little competition would be fun, too…hint, hint, all you others reading this that didn’t reply with answers.