Questionable Request from Client

I received the following email from a new client. It sounds like a scam. I asked someone working in real estate about it they agreed. I like to get multiple opinions about things like this.

Hello ,

 Thanks for the quote. I am OK with the quote and i would have everything put in place for the inspection,first of all i will like 

you to know that the house if for sale by the owner and not by Realtor,I will like you to know the house is still occupied and it will be vacant next weekend,I want you to know that the caretaker will bring the key to you and you can go there for the inspection,i need you to send me your full name and office address and a valid phone number as requested by the caretaker he would need it to contact you to schedule the inspection and get the house keys to your office immediately they receive their balance,I will like to know what kind of credit cards you accept for payment so i can make the payment asap,I would have to seek a little favor from you and i would be happy if you can be able to grant me the favor i seek from you.Due to my present health condition,i would provide you my credit card details for you to charge for the total cost of the service and also i would like you to charge an extra sum of $ which would be sent to the caretaker who would take care of getting utilities transferred over, termite contract for the house,I am sorry if i am asking for too much but i would have forwarded the balance to him myself but i am held down with health issues right now and am still at the hospital and the seller stated he wants the balance by bank transfer that’s why i am seeking your favor on this,i would be willing to compensate you if you can assist me on this.

What do you guys think?

Scam… been ongoing for a long time.

How can you be sure lol

Just a hunch.:lol:

If you want multiple opinions, just read through this forum, you’ll find a couple hundred :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve gotten 3 or 4 of these requests. I just tell them their presence, and cash, is required. This always ends the conversation.

So i take it you guys didn’t gather your 16 million from Kenya . LOL I am waiting right now for mine you losers . wait was that a scam too?

I just got the same exact email this week so I’m sure its a scam now. I was wary but thought I would check here and came across this. By the way the name was Jaimie Smith gmail account. Here is some more when I asked him to call me

Thanks for your response,I am hearing impaired and i just had a surgery,I believe the best means i can get across to you right now
would be via e-mail or text I can send you my number if you want,Actually am in the process of buying a house for my retired parent,I want the general inspection done as soon as possible…
Let me know if you would be available i will contact the previous owner to have the keys ready and i will also like to know how much the inspection would cost.
(Full House Home Inspection: 1,800 square feet and Maintenance Inspections with Written Report)
NOTE:-I will get back to you in my next email with the address and any further details you would need.

Are ya sure? :wink:

I always ask for their bank info, address, SSAN and mothers maiden name. Then I tell them I will just deduct it from their bank and pay anybody they want.
Funny, I never hear back.

Scam and not even original

Snowflakes believing this stuff. World is coming to an end. Sad for these young people trying to start a business. No wonder why 50% of college grads are still living at home.