Questionable ridge board install

Yes I admit it.
I look forward to your knowledge.

Ok, so Im going back out there monday to retrieve the radon.

I am going back up in the attic and will take video and post it up

thanks for all the help!


Forget the sections with trusses, they’re OK (assuming).

The question is, is the microlam shown here acting as a structural ridge, supported at both ends and in the middle designed to be strong enough to support the entire roof load, or…

It is a conventionally framed roof and the microlam used as the ridge board was not structurally necessary but they used it anyway because they had one left over from a previous job, or they didn’t know what they were doing, etc.

If in the section without trusses there were no rafter ties visible to prevent walls from spreading, this would be a problem.
The additional framing indicates that it’s being used as a structural ridge, and the work quality indicates that it was done by the homeowner.


took some video…hopefully this will help with orientation and a better idea of what is going on here…

this is what the roof looks like

this is where the LVL is located inside the attic.

Ok, so it is saying “error” when trying to upload video…

any tricks to doing this?

I’ll keep trying

Did you try to “Drag and Drop” it?

I just tried that…it got to like 3% download and then said “sorry, there was a problem with your upload, please try again”…or some such
I’m thinking of doing a youtube video and then just linking to that

That works, Matt. :smile:

well that took me two hours…lol


here is the first video link…I did three…and may try to upload the other two.

The rafters appear to be split in the middle by a 2x, that’s why there is a ridge beam… I’d call it out for some math by a SE. And yes, the end posts for the beam are shoddy.

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Sounds like a plan

I really appreciate the insight

The second video will be up in a bit… but I think at this point it is best to defer to an engineer

this video has more detail of the rafter setup


I asked the realtor for the builders name.

Jeremy Messer construction, waynesville NC

I call the number and it is a magic jack number and goes straight to voicemail.

I go to his website.and basically there is none…

search him online and he has one review on angies list…F rated

review says this…

“He gave several referencees that I checked and all were positive. He seemed very professional and nice. Showed up and stripped the roof and it started raining. He had no tarps to cover the roof so the house flooded. Did not pay to clean carpets etc even though he said he would. Roof leaks like a sieve. Wont return calls, had to hire another roofer to make repairs. The gutters are pulling away from the house, again won’t return calls. Gutters were supposed to have screens for leaves. They don’t. The house is older so floor boards are true to size. He did patch with current sized boards so they dont line up. Never contacted me about size issue or asked if I wanted milled boards to fit. He removed the bathroom threshold and replaced it with two scrap pieces of wood with a seam in the center. Again never replaced and never would return calls. My kids could have done a better job. My advice is to stay away from this guy”

Not pertinent to our discussion…but I just thought it was interesting and would share.

thanks for all the help guys

I don’t want to give the impression that I would excuse this ugliness, but…

Could it be that the “builder” used this mess to temporarily hold up a ridgeboard during construction? A ridgeboard that happens to be fashioned from a leftover LVL may be a red herring. If it was a standard 2x ridgeboard, there’d be no need for that mess under it, right? No doubt there are other components missing here, but my guess is the scabbed-together 2x4’s were never intended to be structural.

I would refer the whole mess to an engineer. But I like playing “what were they thinking?”


Welcome to the forum Gabe.

Been off line.
From the videos, it is obvious to me at this point that the LVL is not a ridge beam.
Besides missing all the rafter to beam hangers that you would see on a true ridge beam, you can see collar ties or whatever their plan was for those, again you would not see in a true ridge beam.
It looks like I saw a glimpse of attic trusses meant for storage and also seem to see the LVL being supported on the over build trusses.
There is a lot of weird framing there and definitely should be looked at by an SE if it needs correction due to possible failures or danger to the occupants.

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