Questionable ridge board install

So its a new construction home…and I go up in the attic and see an LVL being used as a ridge board for a portion of the roof system.

this LVL is about 20 ft long and bearing on 2x4’s …easier to explain by looking at the pictures I think…

this first one is one side …up at the top where it supports the ridge board.

this is the bottom. So the 2x4 that is cut to clear the wiring is the one that is actually bearing under the LVL…they used another 2x4 to support the cut one…

this is the other side of the LVL

I know the ridge board doesnt have a lot of downward pressure/force…as the rafters pretty much do all the work in keeping it in place

Should I not be concerned?

rest of the attic was engineered trusses.

I am seeing a lot of things that don’t look right. What was the purpose of having a Ridge Beam not a (Ridge Board) in that area.
I think you need to recommend for an evaluation by a qualified framing contractor or engineer.
Not sure exactly what is going on with just the pictures.


Ok…I agree, had not idea what the purpose of an LVL was…and then the fact that its bearing on such a sketchy arrangement of cut up 2x4’s…

thanks for the response…I’ll suggest exactly that

and next time I will take video. I think it shows much better…

Like what?


so what is your opinion of the ridge beam install?

I’ve just never seen anything quite like that…especially on a brand new construction.

I’m just trying to learn…and call it out if I should. Or dont if I shouldnt…

I’m sure you see them too!

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Not enough bearing points in the pics to give an opinion.

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the bearing points are so sketchy that I cannot imagine this was designed to hold up any sort of load.

Which then raises the question of why an LVL …

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Future room? were there floor joists under the LVL area?

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You may begin your novel anytime… … …

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But! Do you enjoy them :smiley:

Go for it, You are good at it.

You don’t deserve it!

I agree with, Marcel.

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Next time I’m taking video…did three videos for that property, but didnt get one of the attic…

I dont think it was for a future addition of any kind…this house was not meant to have a habitable room up in the attic…not enough room in the attic.

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Maybe just a bad roof repair? tree damage? Who knows.

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so not really an issue then?

I agree with Marcel. I was just speculating. :thinking:

Hmmm… Interesting. Thx for posting.

It’s the uplift that is the biggest problem. I don’t see any mechanical connectors, i.e. Simpson on the LVL or the rafters. Simpson makes ridge to rafter connectors. That truss wasn’t designed to hang a beam on, but they would have done better to block both sides of the king post and put a beam hanger up there.
I want to say that it’s hard to believe that anyone would design that, or, that it would pass a framing inspection, but sadly.