Notched 2X4 for ridge board support

Noted this on an inspection today; using 2X4’s for the ridge board support, but they are notched out more than half way, which does not seem OK to me. Anyone have any thoughts?

Not a problem. :+1:


Thanks Scott.

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What’s under those supports? Bearing wall? I think the notch is fine but what about the other end? I don’t like how it’s resting on a flat 2x4 spanning three joist. Those two in the background look way out of plumb. I do not think it is going anywhere, looks like it’s been there awhile.

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Yes, bearing wall underneath. I noted the two that are out of plumb in the report. 1973 house.

Living in the Northeast, when building, I add the vertical 2x support under the ridge for added snow load support, although it may not be necessary.

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What was the roof’s slope?

Looks like a 3 in 12 and understandable to support the ridge. Those are hefty rafters.

Exactly that’s real wood.

needs collar ties