Questions for nick - ask here!

Attention! @gromicko Nick Gromicko is coming back on Inspector Toolbelt Talk! He will be doing a show on gaining wealth, building security, and making your company extremely profitable. BUT - we want questions! Please submit questions for Nick here, DM me. No holds barred - ask what you’d like and Nick will discuss it!


It’s going to be fun. Alternatively, post any questions you have about business, inflation, wealth preservation, inspection business exit strategies, etc… here, on this thread. We’ll get to them on the podcast.


I want to work on the business not in it , hiring my 3rd guy , 4th employee this year. What’s the best way to move forward and prepare my company for that transition?

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@mortiz6 That one is going on the list - good one

Hi Nick . As everyone knows, on Friday the NAR announced a settlement , So 6% Real Estate commisionis no longer exists.
How might this affec tto the home inspectors?
What changes will we get as a result of these market changes?
Regards, Alex .


HI Nick! Where do you think is a good place to invest an IRA? Stock market, real estate, or something else?

Thanks guys - added both those questions as well

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What strategies do you use in your company to make sure your meeting profitability goals every month, every quarter and every year since there ups and downs during the year.

Luis - question added

How does a home inspector survive in an area where there are two or three multi inspector firms getting all the work?


Hey Peter - added to the list!

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Hey Nick, I need tech advice. I want to know how to streamline setting up the inspection.
I tried ISN and it felt like I was sitting in a cockpit. I have a book now button on my website so people can email me. My prices vary on age and size of the home so I don’t have set pricing where a client can Google my fees.
I use the InterNACHI fee calculator, the InterNACHI agreement system, and Spectacular for reporting, billing, and tracking (excel spreadsheet) inspections.
Any advice for this inspector who is set in a pattern but needs to change to be more time sufficient?

Hi, Nick. Why does my garbage weigh more than my groceries?