Great Interview and Advice, Nick

You done good.

Thanks. I knew you’d like the “pay an extra $100 for the assurance of independence from the agent” tip.

Finally, someone in the media said it right. However, since it is the truth, this is as far as it will go. No agent will tell you about compensation one way or the other.

We need more truth in the media on all subjects.

Nice job, Nick.

Great write up, good job Sir.

Yep,but the following sorta had me chuckling.

“It’s called pre-inspection,” said Kearney, explaining the trend first became popular in California more than five years ago. "I’d say that 30 percent of my business is now pre-inspections."

Nick -

Nice interview & the other post with fee calculator / How can we move the calculator to our site to do the calculation on the fly?

Pre-listing inspections are good idea. But home buyers should also have their own inspection done and not rely solely an inspection that may have been done 2 months ago.

Nice job!

I think the main attraction for a pre-inspection is analogous to a pre-qualification for a mortgage.

Sellers would rather know if they are going to get hit with any equity losses before they put the home up on the market, and have a chance to take care of that leaking underground tank, moldy asbestos, and end of service life roof, while they can still control the costs and schedule…and/or know where to price the sale knowing what the other party will be subtracting for, etc.

Tim Kearney’s business is based in Springfield. He is a very successful inspector. I believe he has three inspectors that work for him. He is very popular with the Real Estate agents here in Springfield.

Well done and thanks Nick.