Questions Of The Week 01-28-2018

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1) Garbage disposals should be connected to a drain that is a minimum of _______ in diameter or greater
1) 3 inches
2) 2 1/2 inches
3) 2 inches
4) 1.5 inches
5) no minimum if connected to main sink drain trap
2) Dryer vent exhaust terminations shall not be less than three feet from HVAC equipment.
True  ~  False
3) Stairways should be at least _____ inches wide.
Open sides of stairways with a total rise of more than _______ inches above the floor or ground should have guards not less than _______ inches in height
  1. For proper/safe egress, all sleeping rooms must have a window of adequate size opening.
    The minimum specifications in the International Residential Code (IRC):
    _______ inches minimum width
    _______ inches minimum height
    _______ inches maximum window sill height
Extra Credit
If this is answered correctly along with the others, the winner
 will get a soon to be famous "INachi Inspectorsaurus T-Shirt".
Designed by MG, approved by Nick Gromicko.
**If you already have one, either say "pass" or re-gifting is allowed.

 INachi Home Inspector ___(name)____ is also the 
Planning and Zoning Commissioner in the City of _______ , state of _______

1- 1.5"
2. False
4. 20W 24H 44" Some say 20 x 24 it doesn’t matter which. Wisconsin is The nominal size of the net clear window opening shall be at least 20 inches by 24 inches irrespective of height or width

1- 4
2. True
4. 20W 24H 44"

36", greater than 30" within 3 feet,34"
20W 24H 44"

Nice Mark. :slight_smile:

Congratulations JOHN OLSON for winning this weeks QOTW.
Good job!
Follow the directions to obtain your books. :smiley:

  1. 1.5 inches
    Garbage Disposals for Inspectors - InterNACHI
  2. False
    There is no specification in the International Residential Code for a minimum distance between the dryer vent termination and an air conditioning condenser.

2015 IRC
M1502.3 Duct Termination
Exhaust ducts shall terminate on the outside of the building. Exhaust duct terminations shall be in accordance with the dryer manufacturer’s installation instructions. If the manufacturer’s instructions do not specify a termination location, the exhaust duct shall terminate not less than 3 feet (914 mm) in any direction from openings into buildings. Exhaust duct terminations shall be equipped with a backdraft damper. Screens shall not be installed at the duct termination.

3) 36
[InterNACHI's advanced tips for inspecting stairways and sample reporting language (U.S.-only version). - InterNACHI](
  1. 20
    Egress Window Requirements | IRC Code for Fire Safety
Extra Credit
Home Inspector ___(name)____is also the Planning and Zoning Commissioner in the City of _______ , state of _______
Our Member of the Year!
Chuck Evans
Stagecoach, Texas
[Planning and Zoning | City of Stagecoach | Stagecoach, TX](

Thanks for doing it. It is a great way to keep up. Thanks again, John

Nice and tricky on the dryer vent question Marc - just the way we like 'em,

Congrats John!

Congratulations, John!

Congrats John! Thanks Marc!

Rule or not, I would call it out. :mrgreen:… before the compressor overheats.

Agree… got a few pics like that in the files.

Congratulations John. :slight_smile:

Congrats John!

Just an FYI for Wisconsin inspectors 3B. in Wisconsin the height limit before a guard is required is 24". Thanks again great questions.