"Quick" Inspection Contract

Hello everybuddy,

I am wondering if there is a pre-listing quick inspection contract somewhere in the Internachi website. I was asked today by a very new real estate agent if I would be able to go with him to a home that he wants to list and do a quick 45 minute to an hour inspection on it and to generalize the property concerns in a very short time frame. I want to make sure that I am legally covering myself if go do this type of inspection. I will continue searching for some kind of contract that may fit this need, but if some one knows off hand, please let me know.

Thank you,
William “Buddy” Reily
Home Inspection - EveryBuddy’’'s Home Inspection Service, LLC.

Just do the normal agreement.

See if something like this is what you are looking for:

InterNACHI Walk-Through Agreement - InterNACHI

I would make sure to identify what you will and will not cover in your quick inspection.

As a walkthrough I will not:
use any specialized equipment
enter a crawl or attic
open access covers.

Thanks John Harrison, I will include a disclosure of what I will not do. When I first read your comment, I thought you were going to say “as I walk through the valley of death” and I was going to reply, “you never know til you get there”.

Thanks Michael Boyett, I believe that agreement is exactly what I am looking for.

You may want to check with your E&O insurer to make sure they will ok the agreement.

Just a Follow up: I checked with my E&O insurer and he thought that it was a great idea for marketing and said that this type of inspection was covered. I also used the Internachi walk through agreement form and modified it a little, sent it to the realtor who forwarded it to his potential client, the client refused to sign the contract. I went ahead and walked the home with the realtor and kept my mouth shut, just small talk with the potential seller. It was a bit uncomfortable at first but I think it turned out ok.

I am not sure how the realtor felt about the situation, I guess we will have to wait and see if he calls me back for another inspection…

Are you kidding us?

So if we read this correctly you performed an inspection even though your client did not agree to the contract?

This is the internachi pre-listing agreement: InterNACHI’s Pre-Listing Agreement for Seller’s Inspections - InterNACHI

Then you should not have been there. Did you get paid for your time?

Did you do any type of report?