Quick piping question?

Found a grey pipe- Merflex Pex. Researched it and nothing about being PB piping.

Is this PB piping?

It’s on the internet. Where did you research it?

Thanks, I found a site on Merflex Pex but was looking for specfics about whether it was PB or note. Wasn’t 100% sure so i thought i’ll ask. Thanks again

No. PEX is not PB

PEX is spelled “PEX”. PB is spelled “PB”.

And PB is not PEX. :wink: :slight_smile:

Now you guys got me all confused again.:roll:
PolyPexylene or Pexabutylene.
I always get the 2 mixed up.:mad:
I should not make fun. I knew nil anout PEX last year.