RADALINK offering to pay 100% of your InterNACHI membership dues.

Membership in InterNACHI which includes all this: www.nachi.org/benefits.htm is now free if you set up an account with RADALINK Radon Monitors.

For more information, email RADALINK’s president, Terry E. Howell at thowell@radalink.com

This is a limited time offer, so email him now.


Really guys, get on this. Now that InterNACHI’s free, online radon course has NRPP, AARST, IAC2, and state approval, there is no better time to start offering radon testing.

For more information, email RADALINK’s president, Terry E. Howell at thowell@radalink.com

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I just took advantage of this, Terry said my account would be credited 500.00.

You can’t beat the perks of InterNACHI membership, and the customer service of Radalink.

If you’re in the market for a Radon monitor, Radalink’s monitors and their associated services, are hands down the best in the industry.

Thanks guys!!!

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hmm, if I didn’t own monitors already, I’d do this

I would also. Dang :frowning:

Come back to NJ Radalink!

It’s getting ridiculous.

Does it apply to current Radalink members as well?

just sent an email, thank you

Just sent an email also. Just too good of an offer to pass up. I was in the process of deciding which monitor to choose. This made it real easy.

Yes. You just made $500 for being an InterNACHI member.

Is this still going on? I’ve tried several times to contact them but I haven’t got a response yet.

Me too…hope its still going on

Yes it is. Give them a call. They are getting bombarded with requests for the $500 InterNACHI credit.

How hard would it be to post ALL the details on this MB? Those still interested could continue to attempt to contact them.

What details are missing?


I went to their website looking for product info and cost to get into their equipment, and basically, one needs to fill out request forms for information. I HATE THAT! I will spend my $$$$ where I don’t have to jump through hoops to get info so I can send them my hard earned dollars. These companies need to get their hard nosed heads out their 1970’s arses, and get with the times. NO, I will not give them the ammunition to waste my time with their hard sell tactics. I am all about Customer Service, and these practices… are not!

That’s because they charge InterNACHI members less than everyone else. That’s true for most every vendor in the inspection industry though.

Wrong. Go to their site directly. No difference. There is no way to actually compare pricing as they don’t post anything public. You need to just take their word for it. Wwll, I don’t deal with vendors that are not upfront with their pricing and/or dealings. So many other options out there. I am in control of my funds, NOT the vendors. Too bad, so sad… for them!