Radiant Ceiling Heat Narrative

I had and inspection with radiant ceiling heat as the only heat source in the office. Above the office is a deck that has now been screened in.
Do you consider in-ceiling electric-resistance heating to be a hazard? I know it is not the most cost-effective method to heat a room.

My narrative at the moment is:
"The heat source in the office was an electric-resistance in-ceiling radiant system. Like any type of electric heat, radiant panels can be expensive to operate, but they can provide supplemental heating in some rooms or can provide heat to a home addition when extending the conventional heating system is impractical.

Radiant heating panels operate on a line-of-sight basis – you’ll be most comfortable if you’re close to the panel. Some people find ceiling-mounted systems uncomfortable because the panels heat the top of their heads and shoulders more effectively than the rest of their bodies.

In the summer time you have no air conditioning in this room."

No, not if it is installed per manufacturer’s installation instructions.


Larry K would have to use suntanning lotion :wink:


There have been some recalls on some of those panels due to being fire hazard. More info at link below:



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Your narrative is a bit much and/or some of the “info” is unwarranted. There is nothing wrong with radiant ceiling heat. Very common around here. In fact, I’ve got it in my own house :grinning:

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Thank you, Joshua.

Agree with Josh. Your comments, IMHO, are way over the top!

Identify heat source and stop with the editorial!


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Thank you Douglas. I will do that.