Radiant OSB by LP Tecshield and OSB in general

I got hit by a tornado so unplanned roof expense. Only 1/4 was hit by tree but I’m redoing the whole thing because it has maybe 5 years life remaining. My questions are 1) what is the consensus on Radiant OSB by LP Techshield. Only 7/16" is available at this time. My application is 24 on center. 2) Roofer says OSB does hold up as well as plywood especially if it gets wet. Costs are sky for everything now making decisions critical. Plywood is even higher than the techshield. Opinions needed!


You get what you pay for. OSB is almost exclusively used in new construction in my area. As far as the radiant barrier, I do not have an opinion.

If you are only replacing 1/4 of the roof decking, get what matches the rest of your home.

Your money is best spent on a good shingle, underlayment and quality install, IMO.

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Thank you Brian. I’m wanting the Radiant barrier bcuz the alabama heat is brutal and the attic space is tiny. you can’t even kneel upright on a truss w/o hitting your head on the peak of the underside of the roof. temps reach 150 deg + in the attic. makes it hard to cool my house

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OSB is a better product now than plywood. Has been for a while. You should definitely go with the Tech Shield (radiant barrier). You mentioned how hot it is in your attic. How good is the insulation in your attic - between conditioned living area and attic and also do you have adequate attic ventilation- intake vents (soffit vents) and roof vents (exhaust, output vents)? The Tech Shield, good insulation and adequate attic venting will get you best results for attic temp.


yes, unbelievable this house that is 50 yrs + old never had soffits vents. I cut holes and added about 20 vents and put in a nice solar power w/power backup roof vent that helps but it’s still not enough. I’m going to add some insulation too. very small house but insulation is 4-5K alone. Foam is not possible bcuz it is so cramped. Thank you!

it was a little less than 1/4 , my luck so they aren’t paying much. State Farm sucks. As for Radiant. I’ve researched it alot. It does not appear to be a scam. do you have evidence for that?

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Not according to the manufacturers installation sheet I posted above (for this very reason of “opinions”).


Suitability for Roof Sheathing

Both the National Roofing Contractors Association and the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association recommend the use of OSB for roof sheathing, as long as it bears the approval stamp of the APA - Engineered Wood Association. The only building authority in the country that doesn’t accept its use is Dade County, Florida. It banned OSB after Hurricane Andrew caused extensive damage to rooftops in 1992, citing OSB’s inferior ability to hold nails. Dade County maintains the ban even though subsequent research has disproven this claim.

Using OSB

OSB comes in 4-by-8-foot sheets, as does plywood, but the manufacturing process allows the production of longer and wider ones. Thicknesses range from 5/16 to 3/4 inch, and the proper one to use depends on the spacing of the rafters. Half-inch OSB is suitable for rafter spacings up to 24 inches, whether or not the edges are supported. Sheets must have a 1/8-inch expansion gap between them and should be secured to the rafters with 8d nails. The nails should be spaced 6 inches around the edges of a sheet and 12 inches in the middle

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7/16" OSB for (typical) roof decking is not too thin William Jones as Jeff Jonas verified with his link (link provided for the likes of you) and who are you kidding to call Tech Shield / Radiant Barrier OSB (Decking) a Scam? lol. You didn’t answer Scott Lineback questioning you about Radiant Barrier evidence of being a scam as you called it. We are waiting ! !


Considering the attic space I would definitely consider using the polar ply (what they used to call it) by LP. That would be the next best thing compared to installing actual radiant barrier directly underside the rafters which sounds like it may be too difficult to do? You could also lay it over the ceiling joists but in time it will get dusty and lose some effectiveness.

Radiant OSB is in short supply here. I’m thinking of using plywood and placing attic foil below decking when it’s installed. I’m hearing not great things about OSB and the only thing available is 7/16 radiant OSB. My tarp leaked last night. putting another tarp on top today. nightmare. and I’m sick.