Attic insulation

Anyone seen this before? The entire interior roofing of the house built in 1935 is covered with aluminum insulation. I was unable to determine if there were any problems with the underside of the roofing. Comments???



Pic’s too small, but kinda looks like a radiant barrier.

Radiant barrier. I see it all the time. Just note the you are unable to see any of the roof deck for stains or anything else and you should be O.K.

Sorry about the small pics. I did tell them I was unable to check under roof. Is this type of insulation supposed to follow the under roof form? It was kinda sagging. I really did not like the way it was installed. It reminded me of the insulation you see under mobile homes. If they leak you have a sagging bulging “scrotum” effect. LOL


Radiant Barrier
Just report the presence and note the limitations…

We’ve had a lot of snake oil saleman around here selling attic retro fit Radiant Barriers, been to a couple of there free dinner presentations. I’ve seen 1 completed job, and it look terrable, not all the way down to the soffit area, gaps at the seams not installed on end walls. Wrote it up as such. But the 1 interesting thing I learned at the sales things is the materials ability to not absorb heat is the key to it’s effectivnese. They toughted that non aluminum material was best. Set there stuff on top of a heat lamb & did a piece of shinny aluminum insulation board and there material stayed cool to the touch while the alum. got hot. Never got a quote but saved the brousher somewhere. We’re in a 50/50 heat-cool zone so don’t see the cost effeicency for here, but they claim it will radiat lost heat through the ceiling in the winter and retain in attic. (oops).

I have it on my home and it does work.
It can be installed a couple of ways and some applications is installed prior to the roof decking being installed.